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Is CBD Water A Passing Fad?
CBD Water

CBD water will certainly be on the market for many years to come. Usually food and drink items that reach this level of popularity are available for long after they were invented.

Think of the invention of diet soda. Is it still on the market? Those products that produce high sales and are considered revolutionary often become a staple in the American diet. It’s important to think about all the pros and cons of a product when trying to guess long term popularity.

Smoking used to be extremely popular. Now, it’s a habit few people engage in because of the dangers now known. THC, while dangerous for people with mental health issues, is relatively harmless in itself. A product that comes from hemp, but does not contain this chemical, should be considered even less harmful. 

What Might Affect Its Popularity?

Some people avoid hemp because it is illegal in most states. If marijuana becomes legalized in most states, the rate of CBD water sales might go down. This may not happen. In Colorado, the drug is completely legalized.

Yet, CBD oil and products that contain it are reaching a high. Not everyone wants the high that THC induces. Some would rather have a little bit of the relaxation benefit without having a doped feeling. 

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Even as marijuana becomes legalized in more places, it is difficult to tell if workplaces will stop testing for it. If this ever happens, there are certain professions that will test for it anyway due to a concern with the dangers of it affecting employees who work in public safety jobs and health care.

CBD water does not affect a drug test in anyway. It’s almost certain that work places were it does not pose a risk will continue testing even if the product is legal. In some states, employers have the right to test their workers for ethanol. 

Do People Think It’s A Placebo? 

Some believe the products made with this extract work as a placebo. This has actually been proven false with studies done on epilepsy. CBD containing products have shown a reduction in seizures in certain types of this horrible disease. If it has an effect on an illness, it’s very possible that it has relaxation benefits.

Plus, the placebo effect does not last in the long-term. Those who are affected by a placebo effect will only have the condition for a short amount of time. Eventually, the brain doesn’t foul itself anymore. Many people have experienced a relaxation benefit. 

CBD Water: Cosmetic Purposes 

One thing that’s keeping this product alive are its cosmetic purposes. CBD helps with inflammation. Water helps keep dry skin hydrated and bright. The combination of those two benefits will probably keep this product alive for many years to come.

CBD water can also be used as a toner. Toners are often based in water and not oil. They are usually advertised for their ability to soothe the skin. The chemicals in CBD oil have antiinflammatory properties that reduce swelling and redness. 

Can’t Fall Asleep?

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CBD is being raved about by my mother due to her constant issues with insomnia. The chemicals in it relax the mind, without the psychedelic effects, which makes it possible to sleep easy. Without the ability to sleep, we’d all be in big trouble.

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It affects work performance and often makes us grumpy when it comes to mood. Sleeping pills can be costly, come with side effects and even be addictive. Melatonin is actually broken down too much in the digestive system to be competent at producing a sleeping affect. That one is more like a placebo. 

Final Call? It’s Here To Stay

Because of its current popularity, this product is here to stay. What will enhance its ability to stay on the market comes from the very little side effects and health risks that may stop it from working.

When choosing a product, you should always make a personal decision when it comes to deciding if it’ll work well for you. As many people have been enjoying the benefits, and not seeing too many cons, it continues to invade the shelves.It’ll most likely be on them for a very long stretch of time. 

Nothing in this world is truly predictable when it comes to a trend turning into a staple. Right now, I wouldn’t call it a fad; however, I would say that it’s definitely trending right now. That could mean it’s here to stay, it could not. Looking at the way people are raving about it, there’s a larger chance than isn’t that it will continue being a product to buy. 

CBD water has been replacing a lot of alcohol use too. It’s socially appropriate to drink it alone and relaxes people without intoxicating them. As the negative effects of alcohol become well known, a healthier alternative is starting to replace it. This is a great factor that will nail CBD into the market. Your grandchildren will most likely buy it!