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Popular Fashion Brand Merges With The CBD Industry
Fashion Brand Merges With The Cannabis Industry

The popular fashion brand Alice + Olivia have announced that they are entering into a partnership with Kush Queen, a luxury cannabis brand. The decision for a well-known women’s wear label to enter into the CBD market follows a recent launch of new CBD-infused products by global cosmetic brand Maybelline New York.

Stacey Bendet, the CEO, creative director and founder of Alice + Olivia, publicly stated she has been using CBD products for over two years since independently discovering Kush Queen. She explained how she immediately envisioned how the two brands could align to empower women seeking wellness.

Bendet made various statements explaining that she is out to start trends, not follow them. She also explained how there are lots of opportunities for women to take advantage of the mental and physical, health and wellness, beneficial properties of CBD products. She seeks to use the brand collaboration to develop and market much-needed products to their joint consumer bases.

Fashion Brand Merges With The Cannabis Industry

The CEO and founder of Kush Queen Olivia Alexander explained that people need to ask themselves many questions about why some are seeking to enter into the CBD market. It is that they are people who have a genuine passion for the healing properties of the plant or are they just jumping on market trends?

The two agreed that authenticity is what it all comes down to. They are both powerful women with their own unique perspectives. Neither set out to follow trends; instead, they create them. The collaboration between the two is going to showcase to the world a new category of marketing rooted in authenticity. The CEO of Alice + Olivia is actually using CBD herself, so she understands the wellness power of the plant on a personal level and will be able to convey that sentiment to her brand’s consumer base.

Kush Queen began in 2015 and during the course of four years has grown into a multi-million dollar business selling CBD and THC infused products to the global market space via 750 worldwide retailers.

The product line from the brand collab will initially include three core products: a $50 150-milligram bubble bath, a $25 100-milligram bath bomb and a $50 150-milligram body lotion. All of the products will be lightly scented with a relaxing lavender fragrance. The bath bomb also has vetiver and sandalwood infusions. Vetiver is thought to aid circulation problems and nerve pain. Meanwhile, Sandwood promotes mental clarity. CBD is, of course, known for its propensity to reduce inflammation, which is a common source of anxiety, pain, and fatigue.

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Stacey Bendet purports to be a longtime yogi who loves using CBD lotions and oils for muscle soreness as well as relaxing massages. At night the CEO has been known to use a few drops of CBD-infused oil to aid sleep. While Bendet has never tried cannabis (THC) for recreation purposes, she is not ruling out trying it in the future.

While Alice + Olivia is currently only associated with CBD products, the CEO ensures audiences there are more cannabis products in the pipeline.

Cannabis In The Lifestyle Sector

The completed Alice + Olivia and Kush Queen product line is set to be launched in September across 23 stores in the US and online via Kush Queen’s e-store. The brand is loved by many Hollywood celebrities, including Amal Clooney, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Gigi Hadid. It is already available in 800+ international Department Stores including Harrods of London, Net-a-Porter, and Harvey Nichols.

Alice + Olivia, the NY-based fashion label, is just one of the most recent lifestyle brands to advertise its approval of cannabis-based products. Since the legalization of the substance in California, cannabis has made one of the biggest contributions to the wellness sector in decades.