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The Curious Case of Cannabis Sativa
Cannabis Sativa

If a plant was discovered today that provided everything we needed in order to survive, with the ability to restore oceans, forests, and soils, and capture CO2 would we not jump at the opportunity and embrace this gift?

The answer is, of course, yes, yet the reality is very different.

This plant does exist and has done so for thousands of years yet it is completely underutilized. A sad testament to the current nature of society.

We pass the blame on to “them”, citing legal reasons, regulatory reasons, and a whole host of other reasons, but in truth, these reasons are but masks for excuses.

If we wanted change. Real change. We would not demand it.

We would take it.

We would both figuratively and literally plant the seeds of change.

Planting the seeds for a better future

The very act of a cannabis seed sown by every man, woman, and child on this planet would not only send out a message but would start a snowball so great that it could never rollback.

Those highly recognizable green leaves would dot the countryside as well as the window sills of towns and cities, reviving, replenishing, renewing.

A new wave of honest industries would emerge from the ashes of fossil fuels leading to growth, economic sustainability, and vast opportunities for billions of people.

Plain Sight Cannabis

The possibilities would be limited only by our imagination.

Ironically as we speak there is more cannabis grown now than ever before, yet worldwide access is more often limited to either the fortunate or the rich.

Not only that, but the enormous potential of cannabis has been confined to its psychoactive and intoxicating qualities, and although great, there is so much more from the panacea of the plant kingdom including fuel, food, shelter and paper to name but a few, yet they have taken a back seat throughout this cannabis boom.

A seed that requires only 3 months to reach full maturity is still being held captive in many parts of the world, while our trees are being destroyed, our oceans depleted, and that rubbish heap grows.

Cannabis helps so many people simply feel better. You can call it medicinal, you can call it recreational, you can call it Marlene if you like, but one thing is for certain, cannabis works and people will continue to use it for that reason.

While there is an argument for moderation, it is but a subjective moral argument. The act of consuming cannabis should be a choice left to the moral judgment of the individual adult, not the law of the land.

Wonder plant hiding in plain sight

To start, we could always plant the industrial hemp variety, being non-intoxicating it would be easier to convince cannabis conservatives.

That said, cannabis acceptance is growing daily and the historical antagonists (aka the older generation) have taken to the non-intoxicating cannabidiol (CBD) like a duck to water as it softens the many aches and pains.

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No, the real obstacle to our inevitable shift to health and prosperity is, in the irony of all ironies, “pharmaceutical” and other powerful groups who have an interest in maintaining the sickly status quo.

We must forget about challenging authorities but instead govern ourselves, at a community level first and foremost and then let it grow organically.

Those looking for peace of mind can get licenses to grow hemp for now.
The more we grow, the more acceptable cannabis will become.
The more acceptable it becomes the more collective benefits we receive.

Legalize Cannabis

Cannabis roots clean the soil while adding nutrients and is a perfect rotation crop for farmers. Not only that but when growing, cannabis sequesters CO2 and releases oxygen…

The stalks can make clothes, paper, and importantly biodegradable plastic. Even the seeds are an incredible source of essential fatty acids and let’s not forget all the healing and homeostasis that comes from the flowers.

The discovery of a plant such as cannabis today would be hailed as a miracle in a time of planetary uncertainty.

Ignorant greedy attitudes led to the worldwide ban of this plant but now is the time for knowledgeable, sharing, caring people to spread the word that the answer to our problems has always been and is right in front of us.

Plant a seed and tell someone else to plant a seed. If not. At least spread the seed by sharing this article. Thank you.