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Luxury Weed Tourism is Canada’s Newest Trend
Luxury Weed Tourism is Canada's Newest Trend

Trail of Delight

The Canadian Rockies are without a doubt, one of the most beautiful and picturesque places in the world. It’s jagged mountains topped with ice-capped peaks range from British Columbia (BC) to Alberta, surrounded by clear water lakes and stunning wildlife. So what could be better than trekking through the clear skied rockies you might ask? Well, maybe doing so stoned.

Luxury Weed Tourism is Canada's Newest Trend

And we’re not just talking about lighting up and wandering aimlessly, we are talking about a luxury weed experience. As part of the ‘high hiking’ tours hosted by Butiq Escapes, Victoria, BC, you can do just that, and in style. The experience costs $12,500 and will include a hiking guide picking you up from a private airport, smoking with you in the mountains and even feeding you (and up to a group of four) lunch and dinner.

Weed Trends

With Canadians expected to spend around $7 billion on marijuana sales in 2019 it comes to no surprise that a new wave of luxury weed travel companies have come to surface. Those who want to get stoned in style can now spend their money on anything from $155 dollar hemp massages, to cannabis infused dinners ($175), and even weed weddings for the small price of $3000, bargain!

An Exclusive Cannabis Infused Dinner Party
An Exclusive Cannabis Infused Dinner Party

“We’re offering the more refined experience for cannabis enthusiasts that don’t fall in line with the ‘typical stoner’ mentality,” said Ryan Clark, the owner of Butiq Escapes. “We wanted to be the first out of the gate offering a more sophisticated experience, as no other travel agency in the country seemed to want to touch it, but we’re not shy and we love cannabis, so it was a good fit.”

Educational Aspects

Since legalization in Canada, Canna Tour company, Victoria, BC, have also been profiting and have seen a surge in bookings for the New Year. So far tending to draw in a VIP party crowd. Although specializing in custom party packages founder Gavin Surerus says there is an educational aspect, “Our customers seem to enjoy learning about the different kinds of ways to consume cannabis,” said Surerus. “We explore the different benefits of how topical, edibles, and concentrated cannabis can be an alternative to the traditional method of just smoking the plant.”

Clark claims his clientele at Butiq Escapes are mostly made up of Fortune500 CEOs whose names cannot be disclosed. They’re “from places where their own governments have forbade them from using cannabis,” said Clark. “That’s an issue we have to delicately dance around because some foreign governments might cause problems for our clients if they were to find out.”