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The Best Strains for Increasing your Appetite

The Feast of all Feasts

As you get older and the presents don’t matter as much, the best thing about Christmas has to be the food! Mince pies, boxes upon boxes of wrapped chocolates, and the big one… Christmas dinner! The feast of all feasts, where anything goes, and your one excuse to be a gluttonous pig. When the time arrives for this glorious feed, you want to be prepared. Have on your biggest pants, never be a few feet away from the sofa, and do not, we repeat DO NOT make the rookie mistake of over-doing it with the chocolate that morning. There are, however, a few steps you can take to increase your appetite on the big day.

Keep the Hunger at bay

The biggest mistake you can possibly make is to starve yourself all day with the idea of making more room. Do this and you will achieve the complete opposite by actually filling up quicker. We recommend small meals or snacks throughout the day. One trick you could have up your sleeve is hunger-inducing strains. Load up your vaporizer, or roll yourself a joint two hours prior to your meal. When the munchies come calling, you shall be ready! So what are the best strains to increase appetite?

Hunger Inducing Strains


This strain is a fairly heavy indica so we wouldn’t recommend trying it unless you are prepared for a heavy hit of relaxation and appetite boost. It also offers relief from muscle spasms which makes it a good choice for anyone who suffers for gastrointestinal disorders. You’ll be able to enjoy your dinner worry-free and have those extra few pigs in blankets.

Girl Scout Cookies Potent Indica Edible
Monster Cookies a powerful Indica edible offers the same dose of euphoria and relaxation you know and love. This cookie will knock you out.

Monster Cookies

Derived from the Girl Scout Cookie tribe, this second strain is another pretty potent indica. Taking it prior to your meal will provide you with a dose of relaxation and euphoria. These effects will increase over time, so you’ll be heading back for seconds, thirds, and possibly a midnight feast.

Maui Bubble Gift

Maui Bubble Gift is an aromatic hybrid and has an unusually high CBD content, making it an excellent choice for pain and nausea suffers (perfect if you have had a few too many on Christmas Eve). It’s made up of three fantastic medicinal strains, Bubble Gum, Maui Waui, and God’s Gift. So you can have the best of three worlds, all in one.

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