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The Medical Market is More Necessary Than Ever in Canada Following Legalization
Cannabis in Canada

We have seen a successful launch of the recreational cannabis market on Oct. 17th, 2018 and we have seen the variety of strategies implemented by different provinces on the best ways in which to handle the cannabis market in general.

All eyes on Canada for Cannabis Legislation on 17th October 2018.
All eyes on Canada for Cannabis Legislation on 17th October 2018.

Canada is under the scrutiny of nations worldwide as it employs its various strategies in the medical cannabis market as well as the recreational market. The model utilized by western countries who have legalized recreational cannabis have all legalized medicinal before, and within the nations where cannabis is still prohibited, it is the medical markets they are looking to enter first.

The UK announced that certain cannabis-based medicines would be available through specialist doctors through their national health service on Nov. 1st, 2018. This legalization is groundbreaking for a nation where cannabis has been completely prohibited and it mirrors the legalization efforts within Canada in 2001 when the initially outlined the ‘Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations’ in 2001.

It is 17 years on and in Canada we have a much more detailed and sturdy program laid out by the succeeding documents ‘Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations’, where Health Canada laid out full plans for the utilizing the whole of the cannabis plant, across the whole nation. However, after all this effort to get a countrywide system in the 2nd largest country in the world, some feel the need to doubt the medical cannabis operation in Canada now the recreational market has arrived.

The Medical Potential of Cannabis is Still Growing

One thing you learn by being in the medical cannabis industry is the sheer number of patients across a large nation who require medical cannabis. We have seen these people have their needs met by the growing medical market and going forward they need to be catered for. They essentially provide the basis for more clinical studies and research trials within the sector to firm the roots that medical cannabis has grown within Canada.

Medical Cannabis is still in its infancy - there is a long way yet to go
Medical Cannabis is still in its infancy – there is a long way yet to go

As the recreational market grows we may see that market demand more business that is essentially poached from the medical sector and we do see a colossal requirement for the recreational and medical programs to be kept completely distinct. This requires a concerted effort from federal government, the individual provinces as well as the medical cannabis cultivators and suppliers to continue to implement the current safe and efficient system that now operates.

Although we have seen medical cannabis implemented first in Canada and certain American states, it is completely far-fetched to say an industry that’s foundations are to help those who require medical cannabis, as a stepping stone for broader legalization.
Because Canada is being watched by the world, now more than ever, in this cannabis market, we need to make sure that we don’t let a healthcare industry with good intentions fall by the wayside.