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Mac Miller had a secret parody Instagram account for his vape tricks

Since his untimely death this past September, fans of Mac Miller have been surprised with many posthumous gifts from the late rapper, such as two unreleased tracks for a Spotify Singles mini ep as well as heartfelt stories and tributes from his fellow musicians.

But the biggest surprise so far is probably the secret Instagram that was unearthed earlier this week, showing the late rapper posting videos of vape tricks under the pseudonym “Lars”.

Fans discovered Miller sharing videos of himself (as his vape lord alter ego, Lars) vaping through a profile by the name of @cloudywithachanceofawsome69.

There are only 10 posts and a few short videos on the profile, all posted in a matter of days between July 2nd 2017 and July 6th of the same year and mostly filmed inside a car. Given the fact that “Lars” wears the same grey hoodie in most of the vids, it’s likely they were all recorded in one massive vape session.

The first video, posted on July 2nd, was shared with the caption “It’s Cloudy With A Chance of Awesome outside! Welcome to my channel guys. Get ready for some super dope content!!! Please subscribe. Float on bros. #vapelife #clouds #larslife #tastyjuice #cloudchaser #lightheaded #creamyflavors #airhorn”.

In what we can only assume is a huge parody of your typical obnoxious vape bros, Miller goes on to demonstrate how vape tricks can “maximise the level of litness” of your vape sessions with smoke tricks, before taking a deep hit and breaking into a coughing fit (cue “womp-womp” sound effects – we’re not even joking).

Miller also shared a vape trick known as the “candy gram”, wherein you pop a hard candy into your mouth (Lars chose raspberry), suck on it for a minute, then proceed to vape while continuing to suck on your hard candy of choice.

Of all Lars’ tips and tricks, our favourite of them all has to be the “Chef Boy RD”, a tribute to the infamous luxury canned pasta, which involves getting some cherry tomatoes (grown on location, preferably) and sticking one into each of your nostrils and then taking a huge rip of your vape, with a powerful exhale to blast the tomatoes out of your nose.

Since his posthumous success as an Instagram vape lord, the account has blown up – from 50 followers on a July 3rd 2017 post to 185K by the time of this blog.

After Miller’s tragic accidental overdose in September from a deadly cocktail of fentanyl, alcohol and cocaine, the discovery of the account has been bittersweet. Fans were both overjoyed to find this easter egg tucked away in the dusty corners of Instagram, while posting comments expressing sadness and anger at a talented young musician who died before his time.

By the looks of things, Mac “Lars” Miller was taking hits from a Box Mod vape. If you want to have a go at trying out some of Lars’ best trips and tricks to maximise the litness of your sessions, check out some of the best vapes of 2018!