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Hemp and Cannabis
Hemp and Cannabis
Back by popular demand is our Irish author Johnny Hughes. Johnny first appeared on LeafScience with his “Cannabis and … ” Series which was hugely popular as it took a completely different perspective into life with Cannabis. Johnny Hughes is a freelance writer living in County Longford in the heart of Ireland. After spending 10 years of his life in the corporate world he took a chance 12 months ago and left for good. Now he is embarking on a new journey – a discovery through research & writing. Johnny is taking a look at the problems of our world and how Cannabis Sativa L and Industrial Hemp can hemp solve those problems.
Johnny can be contacted on twitter @johnnyhughescbd


In the summer of 1991 when I turned 8 years old, the local under 12’s football team was short on numbers so I was asked to play. Mid game a couple of the opposition players surrounded me on the field and laughed at how small I was. Just then Ray Ennis Lennon, my team mate, rushed over, confronted the bullies and they quickly dispersed.
Years later in high school I was being the class clown. Out of nowhere one of the boys shouted: “Hey big ears”. I was shocked!
It only got worse. Every time I spoke up to make others smile and laugh, I was put down by the bullies and called horrible names: ‘Big ears’, ‘Dumbo’ and so on. This time no one stood up for me. Not even myself.
For years when something funny entered my head; it stayed there.
I remained quiet in school so the bullies wouldn’t hurt me.
I would only open up and be myself around family and close friends.
I don’t know if like me, you got bullied, but I do know it happened to the twins of the cannabaceae family.


Mary Jane and Hemp

Long ago mother nature gave birth to identical twins: Mary Jane and Hemp. They looked the same. They smelled the same. But genetically they were not the same!
Mary Jane was the more outgoing one. She was full of Tender Hugging Care. She wanted to make people feel good. Around her, people got the giggles, got creative, but most of all; people got high!
Hemp on the other hand was more grounded. He was full of Creativity But Dry. More concerned with making than playing. Having little to no THC content, hemp was never going to get you high. Hemp, full of CBD, passed his time making food, clothing, shelter and everything in between!


Bullied and Jailed

Everything considered, Hemp and Mary Jane are still quite young.
For nefarious reasons (see cannabis & prohibition) the ‘cannabaceae’ family have long been bullied.
First it was MaryJane who got targeted and labeled (unfairly) as dangerous. Absurd considering all she ever did was make people smile and laugh. She was first imprisoned in 1937 in America and in 1970 around the world. The bullies, not satisfied with robbing the world of her gift, imprisoned her twin brother Hemp at the same time. Why? Because he looked identical to Mary Jane. It was a classic case of guilty by association.
Like me in my youth, the bullies stopped Mary Jane and Hemp expressing themselves in the open. They could only be themselves secretly and covertly around trusted company.

Hemp has many benefits including it's ability to grow almost anywhere
Hemp has many benefits including it’s ability to grow almost anywhere

Parole and freedom

Today as DNA analysis frees many innocent people from prison so too has CBD and THC analysis freed the Cannabaceae family in many parts of the world.
Several states of America , Canada as a whole, and a multitude of other countries have legalised and freed the weed.
Hemp once framed and blamed, was set free in Canada on October 17th. The ‘Hemp Farming Act of 2018’ will remove the shackles on Hemp in America when passed. A company in County Monaghan in Ireland is even growing and producing Hemp juice!
Finally the truth is coming out of the shadows and into the light.

Hemp Series

Those familiar with my ‘Cannabis and …’ series can attest for my love of Cannabis. Throughout this new series I will investigate industrial hemp and its seemingly multitude of uses.
I will examine the most common uses for hemp including paper, plastic, oil and more. Can Hemp really save the world or is it just a idealistic hippy dream?
Is it really possible to eat, drink, and wear hemp?
Can hemp turn the world economy around and prevent another recession?
I want the truth. I will look for the truth. But can the bullies handle the truth?
My goal is to convince myself and you dear reader of hemps true value.
I would be grateful if you would let me know in the comments below which product you think I should write about.

You and Hemp

Over this series, if convinced of the benefits of hemp, I ask that you stand up for hemp and not allow the bullies to win anymore. You can do this simply by sharing this information with your friends and family. One click.
No one stood up for me in school; not even myself because I was afraid.
Like our Sun, hemp and marijuana continue to give without asking for anything in return. The only thing they cannot do is stand up and speak for themselves. If they could I wonder what they would say?
Let us be like that brave boy who stood up for me on the football field.
Together we can stand up for Hemp and turn this world into a level playing field once and for all.