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Double Barrel’s $100,000 Diamond-Encrusted Vape
Double Barrel's Diamond Encrusted Vaporizer

The Double Barrel is an edgy vaping brand that combines sophistication with practicality for a stress-free vaping experience. Designed with ultimate opulence in mind, the diamond-encrusted vape from Double Barrel is way out of most people’s price range. Retailing at a whopping $100,000 and with only two devices ever created, the vape can truly be considered limited-edition. Having said that, if you have the wherewithal, you can commission Double Barrel to make your own diamond-encrusted vape. It won’t be cheap, mind.

Design of the Diamond encrusted vape

Although the device itself it relatively simple, the vape features over 3000 white, grey, and black diamonds. In addition, the vape has over three grams of pure white gold. The design is a white, black and grey camouflage that brings a luxurious look and feel. Beverly Hills-based Saint Jewels has provided the stylish touches, resulting in a high-end VIP vape that is guaranteed to stand out from the crowd.

Similar to other Vaporizer Pens on the market, the Double Barrel is sleek and slim. With two barrel-shaped chambers and a dual knuckle ring for easy handling, the vape not only looks fantastic, it performs very well. As a high-end edition of a vaping device that was seen in the hit television comedy series Ballers, the vape is targeted at the individual who has everything.

Knuckle Ring
Knuckle Ring allows for easy Use and also makes it easy to flash your fancy Vape

A battery light is positioned at the foot of the device, while two windows on the side allow you to see at a glance how much oil is left. Each Double Barrel device comes in a well-presented box and can be customized with clip on magnetic knuckle rings (available in two sizes). A one-year warranty is available as standard and covers you from manufacturing faults, but not cosmetic damage or misuse.

If you think the diamond-encrusted Double Barrel is too expensive for your liking, fear not. Double Barrel also provide the same vape without the luxurious high-end extras. The standard design is available in a gunmetal grey and can be purchased with or without accessories. Various retailers across California stock the vape. For a full list of locations, please refer to the official Double Barrel website. If you are based overseas, you may still be able to order the vape using international shipping.

How to use the diamond-encrusted vape

diamond-encrusted vape
White, Grey and Black Diamonds decorate this extraordinary Vape

If you are forking out for this Vaporizer, we highly doubt this is your first rodeo and you are familiar with how a Marijuana Vaporizer works. Despite the complexity of the premium detailing, thankfully operating the vape is really easy. The device operates using two oil cartridges that are placed into the dual chamber. These can be purchased directly from Double Barrel. The advantage of having a dual chamber is that you can vape both sides separately, or mix and match cartridges for a unique vaping experience.

Is it worth the expense?

Is the diamond vape from Double Barrel really worth the purchase? Probably not. If you are a vaping enthusiast, there are more affordable options available. Having said that, the diamond-encrusted vape is not designed for mass market appeal. It is decidedly niche, reflecting its off-the-scale price tag.

If you are a casual user on a modest salary, the standard Double Barrel vape performs exactly the same, and costs far less. However, if you are in a position to be able to afford the diamond-encrusted masterpiece, you will be among a select few individuals who own this impressive device. As an aspirational vape, Double Barrel have hit the nail on the head, but for the majority of us, the device is sadly beyond reach.