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What to Do If Your Dog Eats Your Marijuana?
What to do if your dog eats weed

All you have to do is lose your concentration for 10 seconds, turn around and your fluffy, four-legged friend has found his way into your cannabis stash. If this is the case and you suspect your dog has eaten your marijuana, then you may be wondering what action you should take.
Firstly, you should be aware that your dog would have to ingest a HUGE amount of cannabis to kill it. If you are initially panicking because you think this may be an option, the best thing to do is to calm down, look at the symptoms and decide on the course of action accordingly. If you aren’t remaining calm, then you could further upset your pet.

What Should I Look Out For?

So, you have left some form of weed out in the open and you suspect your furry companion may have eaten it. It could be the brownies you just made or the buds straight from the bag.
You should assess the pet to see if it’s exhibiting any symptoms of cannabis ingestion. Cannabinoids, especially THC have much more of an effect on dogs than they do in humans, so the signs should be obvious. These include:

  • Lethargic – Does your dog appear to have less energy than normal?
  • Loss of balance – Is your dog able to walk properly or is it stumbling about?
  • Breathing problems – Cannabis can cause your dog’s breathing rate to increase.
  • Dilated pupils – Check to see if your dog’s pupils are dilated or if the iris’ have gone red.
  • Incontinence – Has your dog gone to the toilet more frequently and/or in an unusual place?
  • Heart Issues – Has your dog’s blood pressure lowered or has its heartbeat pattern gone irregular?

These are just some of the more common symptoms and there is no definite way that your dog will act, because like in humans, cannabis will affect dogs differently.
How your dog responds will also depend on the size of the dog compared to how much cannabis it has consumed. A small dog consuming the same amount of a cannabis as a large dog will respond a lot more.

What Should I do If I Suspect My Dog Has Eaten Marijuana?

If you have even the slightest suspicion that your dog has eaten even the smallest amount of marijuana, you should immediately take it to the vet. This is the only response to the situation.
Your vet will most likely have dealt with similar situations before and will know the best course of action to take to deal your situation. When the vet asks you any questions you need to answer them all as honestly as you possibly can without fear of any repercussions. The vet will only be asking you questions because they want what is best for your pet, not because they will get you into any trouble.
Do not try to medicate the dog yourself but do ensure that your dog isn’t distressed in any way and make sure they are receiving constant comfort as you are travelling to the vet.
When you get to the vet, they have several options that they can take depending on the state that your dog is in. They will usually either induce vomiting or administer an IV fluid into your dog’s blood stream, both which will clear the cannabis from their system. In some severe cases, they may keep your pet under their care for longer if they feel it may be necessary.

How to Avoid Your Pet Consuming Marijuana

The first thing you should consider is where you store your cannabis. Although the dried flower itself may not be appealing to most pets, you can never get into the mindset of a hungry dog.
Always ensure you are storing your cannabis in a locked box upon a high shelf or inside a shut cupboard to ensure there is no possibility they have any chance of getting in there. You could also choose a room that you know your pet will have no access to.
Most incidents involving pets consuming cannabis results from the pet eating the cannabis as it’s being made into an edible, which is no surprise as a food product will be much more appealing to your dog than the bud itself.
Never leave anything unattended at any time during the process of making your edibles, especially the cannabutter, which is usually quite strong meaning your dog can quickly eat a large amount.
You should also avoid smoking around your pet as best as you can. Although the amount of second-hand smoke they would have to inhale in huge, you should consider that it requires a lot less to affect them than it does you. You should always keep your rooms well ventilated if you have a pet in the house.


Hopefully by reading this you feel you would be much more comfortable in the situation if your pet ever consumes cannabis and will also take more care to ensure that the situation never arises.
You should always consider your pets well-being as more important than your own cannabis consumption.