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Millennials Are Abandoning Alcohol, and Here’s Why
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Why are millenials turning from alcohol? Millennials are a bit like the black death, but rather than killing off endless hordes of inbred peasants, they’re killing off industries. And, they’re not killing off these industries actively, they’re more struggling to afford luxuries because wages have been stagnant since the 70s, which is different from how the plague so the whole metaphor breaks down.

Regardless, due to monetary or cultural reasons, the millennial generation have vastly divergent tastes from previous generations. This even extends into how they spend their spare time and what substances they like consuming!

No Hangovers, No Calories

One of the most surprising things that millennials are turning away from is alcohol, formerly a fixture of youth culture. Many millennials are walking away from the pub and towards the dispensary. There are plenty of reasons for this, the most commonly cited are the fact that smoking or vaping herb is totally calorie free, and on top of that, there’s no hangover.

Alcohol is expensive and hold a price in the state it leaves you in the following morning can be very steep. Another, obvious reason, is the fact that a huge wave of legalization has swept the Western world, making herb widely available, even in places where it is not yet fully legal, it is slowly overtaking alcohol. In Chicago, for example, a gram of herb costs $18, while a single beer costs $6.

Societal Attitudes

Societal attitudes have relaxed in the wake of wide spread legalization. This means that the idea of staying in and consuming herb, whether it is legal or not, is no more shocking than sharing a six-pack of beer with some friends.

This attitude has spread far and wide. There are 55 million recreational herb users in the USA, the majority of them are millennial, and a minority of them smoke alone. This is a clear example of how cannabis is filing the social role of alcohol.

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The amount of college students who drink alcohol daily dropped from just over 4% in 2016, to 2.2% in 2017, a striking drop, but even more striking is that in 1980, that figure was 6.5%.

Health Concerns

Herb is seen as a healthier option when compared to alcohol. Studies show that any amount of alcohol consumption is unhealthy, while herb is often shown to be fairly innocuous. There is also a growing trend of consuming CBD, which is taking the US by storm as more and more people turn to Cannabis as a form of health supplement.  Society has certainly become more health conscious, so this societal shift could lead to the wholesale abandonment of cannabis. Whether this trend will continue, or if it is merely a fad remains to be seen.