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10 Spooky Halloween Strains
Best strains to smoke on Halloween

Halloween is one of the best holidays because unlike Christmas, that can seem like a drag, there are no rules. You decide what kind of Halloween you’re going to have. Whether that’s stuffing yourself full of delicious candy or marathoning your favorite scary movies you can choose how to fully enjoy the day or night. For us we like nothing better than relaxing with some quality cannabis so here we present to you ten of the spookiest Halloween strains to give your day a little extra jump.

Jack the Ripper

If you’re looking for something to give you an edge of euphoria then this is the one for you. This strain is particularly visually stimulating and intense. It’s pretty fast hitting so if it’s your first time it might leave you a bit disoriented. For the adventurous why not pair it with a late night viewing of From Hell.

Jack the Ripper Cannabis Strain
Jack the Ripper Cannabis Strain

Diablo OG

Despite how intense the name sounds this is actually a pretty chilled out strain to unwind with. Don’t let the slow unfurl of Satan’s wings fool you though if you’re not feeling anything straight away give it about fifteen minutes. It’s worth the wait. If Halloween generally sets you on edge this has been reported to relieve anxious feelings.


A Halloween strain favorite this has a strong, pungent taste to it. For the first timers out there be careful as the heavy smoke may give you a slight coughing fit but you’ll be left with a delightful tropical, lemony aftertaste. If fireworks and all that nonsense overwhelm you with a headache or feeling stressed, Frankenstein will chase those demons away.

Blueberry Ghost Kush

A powerful cerebral high comes off the Blueberry Ghost Kush along with surprising bodily high effects. The flavors are quite earthy and piney so with that in mind you could consider combining it with a very scary Halloween game of hide and go seek. If you’re in the woods, even better. If there’s a cabin, perfect.

Ghost Train Haze

What Halloween strain list would be complete without a ghost train. This sativa heavy strain will keep you uplifted and relaxed on Halloween night. Because of its high levels of THC this strain has been used a lot by those looking for relief from pain and depression. If you want Trick or Treaters to get any candy though you better hide them from yourself as this will give you a serious appetite.

Black Widow

With a terrifying name like that you know that this is not a strain for first timers. However, if you think you’re up for it this is the perfect Halloween strain to lay you out on the couch all night. Make sure there’s plenty of snacks and movies set up before you dig in.

Black Widow Cannabis Strain
Black Widow Cannabis Strain

Zombie Kush

If you’re a big fan of the Walking Dead then this is ideal as its potency is likely to make you feel like you’re a member of the undead. Kidding, of course, but its potency does make you extremely relaxed and lethargic so don’t take it if there’s stuff that you’ll need to take care of after.


While a lot of these aren’t exactly great for the novice or beginner vaper Voodoo is actually the perfect Halloween strain. Boasting a fresh and fruity aroma with dense and thick vapor Voodoo is the smell of good memories. If you’ve had a rough Halloween for whatever reason this will definitely raise you back from the dead.

Voodoo Cannabis Strain
Voodoo Cannabis Strain

Green Goblin

Though Venom is the latest villain from the Spiderman universe to gain popular appeal let’s not forget the good ol’ Green Goblin. A sativa heavy strain this will leave you in a dreamy and wonderous state if you were planning on spending your Halloween being creative this may be the strain to get.

Durban Poison

Last but not least of the Halloween strains Durban Poison is a top choice if you plan on being busy and productive this All Hallow’s Eve. Durban Poison has been known to give a hint of creativity and spark on otherwise dreary and uninspiring days. If you were feeling down in the dumps before you’ll be ready to set your day alight once you get into this strain.