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Who was the First Civilization to blaze it?

Nowadays, weed is more accessible than ever. In parts of the States, there are dispensaries on every block, you can smoke it up in Amsterdam’s infamous coffee shops, weed is even available at our fingertips – you can order your prescription online! As time goes on and years pass, cannabis is becoming less of a taboo subject, but what did our ancestors think of the plant? Did they think it was food, did they smoke it, how did they even know what to do with it? Just like us, weed has a history and an interesting one at that. Let’s dive into the first society to ever blaze it up!

Neolithic China

I’m no Historian (I did ace all my History exams, though, that info was irrelevant) but I do know weed dates back years. Cannabis cultivation can be traced back over 10,000 whopping years to evidence of the herb in Neolithic China. In the history books, we see weed in its ancient origins in China, sacred Roman birthing rituals, Egyptian burial ceremonies and its medicinal use in the 18th Century Colonial Societies. If we look at our current perspective of weed, we present a contrasting picture of someone who’s lazy and lives alone, when that’s really not the truth. Cannabis history tells a story of dreams and magic.

Healing properties to burials

So, what does this bit of history tell us? Well, it tells us what we’ve already known for years – that cannabis has been a healing plant for many, many years and possesses healing properties. In Ancient China where we can locate cannabis’ first existence, it was used for healing methods and for burial means.

Jews, China, Weed?!

Cannabis history is awesome and is enriched in glorious medical purposes from its first findings in China. Fun Fact – Jews, China and Weed are all intrinsically linked! Maybe that’s why I crave Chinese food after I smoke, huh? Who knows! While it’s not exactly definitive of which society ‘smoked’ weed first, it is definitive that people in a time before us used the herb for many other purposes like making paper or using them to bury their loved ones; what a way to go out, eh!

We will continue to share the pinnacles of marijuana’s glorious existence – from the beginning of days to the present days to the future of days. All here at Leaf Science!