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4 Cannabis Strains We Could Not Recommended More!
Cannabis Strains

Walking into a dispensary can be overwhelming, fields of green hitting you as you walk in, names that you’re sure people made up when they were high and the bright, bright lights stunning you as you enter the store. With all these factors it can deter people from talking to their budtender about new strains they should try, we absolutely recommend chatting to your budtender! But, if you’re like me and the thought of asking people for help puts the fear of God into you and you’d rather Google the question in your car, outside the dispensary (woah, too real) then here you are! This is the perfect article for you!

GMO Cookie

Born from its parents Chewdawg and Girl Scout Cookies comes the GMO Cookies – stealing traits from each with a unique and uncommon terpene profile. The description of the strain is off-putting. The aroma is described as “garlic, diesel-y sweetness”. The aroma and smells mimic those of its parents, Chewdawg and Girl Scout Cookie, but this beautiful offspring can yield some strong bud structure. The GMO Cookie is best known for treating nausea, chronic pain and appetite loss. Not only does this strain look amazing, the effects are also amazing! Take a photo of this baby, spark up and take a hit – relief awaits.

Green Crack

If you love yourself a blunt with a bud that has a strong Sativa content, then you would love the Green Crack. One of my absolute favorite strains. A great strain to hit up in the daytime, literally, the herb equivalent of a cuppa’ joe! This exquisite strain promotes a stunning mellow aroma and flavor with citrus notes dancing through the strain. In this particular strain, the limonene helps people dealing with the symptoms of depression, while the pinene can help sooth asthma symptoms no wonder it’s the strain for me!


The growth for CBD has surged in recent years. Those weary of trying the main psychoactive, THC has prompted CBD’s growth. Avidekel, made by Isreali medical suppliers has almost no THC in the strain, one percent in fact, but a whopping 18 percent! Most people won’t even feel stoned after smoking or vaping this! This is the perfect strain for someone who doesn’t like a heady high. This strain also took home some awards for the Canadian Cannabis awards!


Our fourth contender is Dancehall, a sativa-dominant hybrid. Given its name from a style of reggae played in times of celebration. This strain is not too powerful, but it will leave you feeling super happy. It also gives you a nice boost of focus. A good strain to smoke before a gym sesh or a night out on the town for some boogy-ing.

Stay Lifted!

Hopefully this article can help you stroll up to your dispensary with confidence and ask your budtender exactly what new stain you want to try! If you have tried out these strains in the past, be sure to check out some more of our articles regarding strains!