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Here’s Why Microdosing Cannabis is the way Forward
Micro Dosing Cannabis


Most people don’t want to get high at work, it’s not acceptable, you could get into trouble, and not to mention the paranoia.

Microdosing is nothing new and the concept has been around for years, however we do not often associate it with cannabis. In comparison to psychedelic drugs, there is no real fear when microdosing cannabis, essentially its users are getting a cleaner and more discrete way to consume their product. When it comes to the health benefits, taking cannabis in small doses can prove much more effective, hence the surge in trend.

What Actually is it?

Too much of a good thing can quickly turn disastrous and for those using cannabis for medical reasons just getting ‘really high’ won’t fix the problem.

Microdosing is the idea of consuming small amounts of a substance, the dosage should be small enough that the user experiences no psychoactive effects. Individuals should be left feeling lifted and experiencing mild positive side effects.

In comparison, too much cannabis can leave users experiencing diminished benefits and essentially the opposite result of what they are looking for. For example, whilst a little bit of cannabis can reduce anxiety, a lot of it can actually increase it.

Additionally, increasing numbers of studies have shown that THC in particular is more accessible to the endocannabinoid system in smaller amounts and microdosing the plant can allow you to experience its bimodal nature.

The Benefits

Medical Treatment

Microdosing cannabis can be used as an effective way to treat a number of ailments, much the same as those associated with traditional consumption. These include pain, insomnia, fatigue, anxiety, depression, and nausea. Those struggling with chronic illnesses such as Crohn’s disease or even multiple sclerosis can also benefit.

Pick me up

All strains produce some style of mood change. Microdosing can provide users with an overall increased mood or slight mood boost throughout the day. With people reporting that they feel less anxious and a lot more chill. It can be an excellent way to improve focus and deliver some sense of creativity.

Keeping it Social

For those whose work may require them to keep social, entertain clients or even motivate others, microdosing cannabis can allow these individuals to maintain a constant social level. It can even increase confidence and should leave users feeling much more comfortable, whilst still having the energy to carry out daily tasks.

Stretch it Out

The size appropriate dosage will depend on a few factors. First thing will be the THC count of your strain and secondly yourself. Users size, tolerance and even height can alter their dosage. Only trial and error will help you find the right amount, we recommend starting small with 5mg. Once you master microdosing you will notice your materials lasting you much longer.

Reduced Side Effects

Regular low doses of cannabis should and more than likely will not intoxicate users. Individuals should instead experience subtle but appreciated benefits and with reduced consumption all negative side effects should be distributed.