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Going to College to minor in Cannabis? Sign us up!
Go to College to study Cannabis

Ahh – college. What a life-changing time. From Frat Parties, missing lectures because of that God-awful hangover and ultimately discovering yourself and what life is all about. Getting to do all that while, potentially studying something you love! You can study anything these days, be it in the arts, Economics (ew!), heck, you can even study The Politics of Kanye West – not my cup of tea, but it could be someones! But, I’ll tell what my cup of tea with one sugar is or my neatly rolled joint is – studying cannabis! Imagine the cool points you would get from your peers and the invaluable knowledge from the course itself!

Stockon University

Stockon University located in the South of New Jersey is offering higher learning classes on cannabis in the Garden State. Taking the form of ‘Cannabis Studies’ – Students will take classes in the History of Cannabis and Cannabis Law’. Kathy Sedia the coordinator of the course, or in other words ‘Legend and Deserves a Noble Prize for creating this course (that’s a title, right?)’ Kathy Sedia explains that the ever-adapting and changing cannabis industry “offers many opportunities for students!” She’s not wrong!

Marijuana Industry

The marijuana industry is one of the fastest developing industries to date. There are lots of possibilities for new jobs to be created and taken – and what better way to take up residency in those jobs with a noggin’ full of the knowledge of the plant!

Prepared for the future

Furthermore, aside from core classes like those mentioned above, Students will be able to partake in classes with intersecting roles and interests to their Cannabis Studies like Business and Criminal Law modules! The program will also offer its attendees internships in the industry. Kathy believes whether New Jersey moves to legalize cannabis in some form, medical or recreational, those Students who are enrolling in the program will be enriched with knowledge and will be significantly prepared for a job in the industry. I wish Cannabis Studies was available when I was in college, instead of doing a boring business course with cultural studies! Don’t be like me and go and study the Herb!