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Cannabis and Parenting
Cannabis and Parenting
 We welcome back guest writer Johnny Hughes as he continues his fantastic “Cannabis and…” Series. Next up, let’s see how the modern parent balances a busy family life with Cannabis.

Past Parenting

When I was a kid I used to love Fridays. Not only was school finished for the weekend but more importantly it was payday for my father. On his way home from work he would stop by  the grocery store and buy six cans of beer and 100 penny sweets. A ritual that would last for years.
Unlike my siblings when I received my share of sweets I stayed in the kitchen. Eagerly I would take a glass out of the press and pour my fathers beer for him. He would smile and thank me before he tucked into his dinner. It was a brief moment that I looked forward to each week.
I often wonder how different life would have been if instead my father came home with a bag of grass and 100 penny sweets. Would he let me roll for him? Would we have spoken more?
Would he have gotten the munchies and eaten all the sweets?

Parenting today

My father turns 70 years old in September and I fear I know him as much now as I did 30 years ago. Enjoying cannabis the other day I had an idea. This week I am going to interview him about his life for a podcast episode. It will help bring us closer and isn’t that what we all want?
As a father of three children who works full time I know how difficult it is to give your children all the time and attention they need.
My boys have everything they need to survive but have they got everything they need to thrive?
The other day Ollie was doing a handstand in the garden. “Look at this Daddy” he shouted.
“Oh, very good Ollie, very good.” I replied looking down at my phone. To which Ollie responded: “Your not even looking Daddy!”. Turns out kids crave the same thing I craved from my father all those years ago.
Quality time with undivided attention.

Cannabis solution

Clark Kent style, I went to my shed and took a small puff of cannabis.. Within seconds a self realization came over me.
Love is all that matters. Everything else is an illusion.
All of a sudden I am engrossed watching Ollies every move. I am commentating on each twist and turn. I am genuinely interested in asking him questions and he in turn is engaging more with me. Like Clarke I have transformed from Daddy to Super Daddy.
Laughing out loud draws the other two boys out to play. There are no distractions, just human beings sharing an experience. Just then mother’s voice echos outside: “Time for bed boys”.
Instead of the usual arguing for ages as to why they need to go to bed I was calm and said if they all went to bed right now I would read them a story. Filled with love and no more want for play I spoke of heros and dragons as they entered the world of dreams.

Stigma of Cannabis

Every parent knows that rearing children can be stressful and there is a genuine need for something to take the edge off. It is not uncommon for a parent to go online and post a ‘wine o’clock’ or ‘beer o’clock’ meme as their little ones finally nod off to sleep. Not an eyelid is batted. If anything the response from other parents is acknowledgement and even endorsement!
I have yet to see a shared meme of ‘cannabis o clock’.
The truth of the matter is that since the early 20th century cannabis has been targeted and labeled unfairly as dangerous while being supported by corrupt propaganda. Backed up by a societal belief that legal is good and illegal is bad is it any wonder that the stigma lingers. Thankfully times are changing and the truth about cannabis is finally coming out and so too are cannabis-loving parents.

Changing Species

It would not be unreasonable to suggest a shift in humanity is occurring in our world right now.
Come the 17th of October recreational marijuana use in Canada will be legal for all adults.
Millions of responsible parents transforming their relationship with their children through the healing cannabis plant. One on one time uninterrupted by life’s prevailing concerns.
Children reared on quality time rather than the iPad nanny. These children will then turn into adults who will share cannabis with their parents. Talk and laughter will be plentiful regaling memories of the past. Facilitated by the plant future hopes and dreams will be shared.
These adults of the future will then bring on the next generation and rear them with all the love and undivided attention that they received.
A new world starts now with us. The more of these joyous moments we can create for our children the greater the chance of a better version of each of us to exist.
Canada will become Cannabliss and the world will follow suit.
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