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What is the difference between a dime/dub/nick/key? 
Different measures of weed

Where cannabis is legal to cultivate and purchase, it is mostly measured in grams or ounces. There are eighths, quarters, halves and full ounces; but when weed was illegal, colloquial terms were given to the green herb so that things were kept discreet. Code names if you will. For those who have and are growing up in a world where herb is legal, and you don’t need all these nicknames for the sweet substance, so, it can be a hard road to navigate through with all the jargon; because frankly, you know nothing else! The terminology from years past still remains as part of the culture and dealers in places where weed is (unfortunately) illegal, they still use terms like dime, dub, nick and key. Dub, nick and key all refer to the cost and quantity of the herbs. We will go over the differences between the four, so you know what you’re paying and how much you’re getting!


A dime, normally speaking, means 10c, great! But, where you’re talking about weed, it means 10 dollars. If you hit up your dealer and say “yo, bro, give us a dime” he’ll charge you 10 whole bucks. The quantity of the weed is up to your dealer. Some dimes are close to a gram while other dimes wont even fill a blunt. Interestingly enough, a dime of weed came from people using it as slang for the word ten. Per example (say that in a French accent, its much cooler!) saying something or someone is a dime is synonymous with calling them a ten!

Nick, not Jonas

When you’re in dire straits and in need of a lift, you would ask your dealer for a Nick. Not Nick Jonas (although his song Bacon can make any bad day good again), unfortunately but rather a half a dime. 5 dollars will get you a quarter of weed. It’ll do you a couple of bowl packs.


From time to time, your dealer might tell you he/she is giving discounts and will offer you a 15-dollar-dub which essentially means what would normally be the amount they give you for twenty, you pay $15 – five bucks less if the minds a bit hazy. A standard dub is anywhere between one to one and a half grams of herbs.


The term Key refers to large quantities of cannabis. It is short for kilo which is a thousand; meaning one thousand grams. One kilo is approximately 2.3 pounds. Which is a lot of weed! Much like the key to my heart, the price isn’t as consistent as a dime, nick or dub.

Remember your slang

In summation, Dime, Nick, Dub and Key sound like lame band member names. But rather they are cool slang words for weed! They all have different meanings for price and quantity. If you live in a state where weed is still illegal then, you may still have to utilize these terms to communicate with your supplier. To those who live in flourishing states where the bud is bountiful, these words are merely a reminder of your former struggle; now, a key is a key for a door.