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Cannabis and Sex
Cannabis and Sex
The 3rd part in our guest series takes a look at the relationship between Cannabis and Sex in our lives. Guest Johnny Hughes shines a light on how cannabis might just be able to lend a helping hand in the bedroom…

It’s in our Nature

The intention of nature is survival and continuity. For a safe passage in life, nature has organic traffic lights: pain and pleasure. Our brain sends signals to our body in the form of pain warning us of danger and pleasure to keep us engaged. Early examples of this would be gathering food. Upon discovery of an unknown plant, early humans would rub the herb or berry onto their skin to determine it’s safety. If a rash or itch appeared it was considered poison otherwise it was consumed. Mankind’s earliest philosophy was quite simple..
“If it felt good it was good. If it felt bad it was bad.”
We can deduce from this that both weed and sex feel good because they are good for us!
Alcohol and chastity on the other hand may result in painful hangovers and the end of humanity!
Sex though is not perfect for everyone.


Sexual Problems

According to Dr Sherry Ross an LA based Gynecologist with over 25 years of experience. 10-20% of women have never experienced an orgasm and 43% of women experience difficulty in the bedroom.  Problems such as low libido, painful sex and an inability to orgasm contribute to what is known as ‘Female sexual dysfunction’.
Men too can suffer, from obtaining and maintaining an erection to premature ejacucaltion. The manifestation of these problems for both men and women can be physically or emotionally derived.
For example high cholesterol levels in men can result in erectile dysfunction.
If a woman does not feel sexy she is naturally not going to want to have sex!
Overthinking and worrying is enough to distract from the business at hand.
For a lot of people the actual orgasm itself is as much an emotional hurdle than a physical one.


Cannabis Solution

Relationships with each other is all there is. When you remove all the distractions in life all that is left is you and me. Sex is an important piece in the puzzle that is maintaining a healthy relationship with your partner. But if problems occur it can leave both parties staring at the ceiling in frustration.
The solution? It is time for a threesome! You, your partner and Mary Jane.


Weed research

Due to draconian prohibition laws surrounding cannabis sativa, clinical trials on the effect of thc and cbd in humans are sparse. This will change as recent changes in law around the world take affect. For the moment though we rely on two areas to prove the effects of weed. Research done on mice and my own research based on the real experiences of real people.  For example high cholesterol blocks the normal passage of blood which can lead to erectile dysfunction. New research published in Switzerland in the journal of immunology shows mice treated by stimulating cannabinoid receptors (cb2) reduced the effects of fibrosis!
Another words mice were able to get an erection again.


Benefits of weed

When the active compounds of cannabis: THC and CBD  is consumed into the body it gets to work straight away. Those feelings of anxiety that may come from wanting to perform disappear.
You are in the present moment, relaxed and at one with your partner. That back pain you had is gone. Your sensitivity is heightened with every touch. Your inhibitions are released into the wild. Sparks fly and love is made in the timelessness that is the moment you share as one.


Negative Effects

Every Yin must have a yang and by all accounts the most common negative side effect of cannabis sativa is dry (cotton) mouth. No need to explain further on this…
Depending on the strain (mainly Indica) a tendency to sleep may also occur


Strains to Choose

Cannabis can be absorbed in a multitude of ways that suit each person.( Smoking, vaping, ingesting, oils etc. ) When it comes to choosing your weed may I suggest the following strains for optimil love making:
Bubblegum Kush. Sour Diesel. Jillybean. Blue dream. Asian Fantasy to name but a few.



Foreplay and the intense orgasm you receive with the help of weed will have you coming back for more.  You will be more attentive and focused on each other and the bond between you and your partner will be stronger having shared this euphoric experience.
Cannabis Sativa is the true aphrodisiac so put your oysters on ice for when you get the munchies..

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