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Cannabis and Moderation
Cannabis and Moderation
Guest writer Johnny Hughes is back with the second installment of his series detailing his personal life experiences with Cannabis. Today Johnny will take us through his own experiences with Cannabis and Moderation, something so important to all of us that enjoy this Herb.

A Time to Quit Smoking

Over the years I tried to quit smoking only to return to the coveted cigarette time and time again. That was until midnight December 31st 2017 when I gave up tobacco forever (I hope).
Mainly because I wanted to give myself the best chance of a long life with my wife and kids. Saving money was another bonus but I smoked rollies which were relatively cheap so this didn’t affect me too much. Quitting cigarettes easily gave me more than smoking them ever did.
So did I quit smoking weed too? Well, there’s no point in throwing the baby out with the bath water!

Smoke without smoking?

I continued to enjoy the herb and had no intentions of giving that up. My only concern was that I would always use tobacco in my joints. (Very common practice in the UK and Ireland is to smoke Cannabis with Tobacco, mainly due to the high price of Cannabis)  So did I have an alternative? Thankfully with marijuana there is more than one way to enjoy it. There are ‘traditional’ ways like a ‘bong’ or a ‘pipe’ which I was familiar with. ‘Edibles’ were an option too only I was not much of a Jamie Oliver. After a little Googling I came across the innovative ‘vaporizers’ and the less known but equally impressive ‘dab rigs’. Thankfully I could still get high without the need for the toxic tobacco.


A holiday from weed

That was until about a month ago when I found myself in the midst of scarcity. For various reasons the green was nowhere to be seen. Every herb lover can attest to what I did next.
I spent hours meticulously scrapping my grinder of every last particle of weed that was stuck inside.I filled my pipe, lit, pulled and chilled..
Weedless but optimistic, I texted my ‘herb healer’. The response was quick and positive.
I was to meet him later that day to pick it up. Hours later I was getting ready to leave my house when another message came through. It read: “Sorry Johnny, the bag is gone”. Gutted.
I believe everything happens for a reason and the truth was on the wall. Me and Mary Jane were on a break whether I liked it or not.
The only question now was did absence really make the heart grow fonder?


In sobriety I reflected. Why do I want to get high?  For some people it makes perfect sense. We know from some studies and anecdotally that it relieves various forms of pain. There are multiple uses for cannabis sativa in healing physical ailments. But my body is working fine so why do I choose weed? Maybe it was not physical pain but emotional?
Am I escaping from life? From work? From family? From monotony? From everything???
After several weeks indulging myself in this personal philosophical dilemma I came to a definitive conclusion…



I use cannabis to enhance every aspect of my life. Cannabis makes the mundane majestic and  the trivial tantalizing. From cutting the lawn by day to reading kids books at night. Doing anything and everything high simply makes it more enjoyable. Weed makes you appreciate the everyday magic that this thing called life has to offer. It reminds you that this timeless moment is all we have and all there really is. There is no past to regret. No future to worry about. All there is is the here and now. This very moment.


Swapping drug for drug

So by not getting high what did I do in the evenings after work to relax and unwind? I turned to that other drug. The legal one. The poison that is idolized and worshiped.
I found myself frequenting the fridge or the pub looking for an ice cold bottle of beer. My usual high was now a short lived buzz that ended in a hungover depressive low.
But I needed something to take the edge off.


Balance is key

Oscar Wilde once said ‘everything in moderation including moderation’. And cannabis sativa is no exception. To truly appreciate and get the most from the herb it is imperative that breaks are taken in between. Snuggling up with with Mary Jane after a hard days graft is creating a good balance between work and rest. Waking and baking should be rare. I have found that absence does make the heart grow fonder and the weed taste stronger.


Weeds grow again

I look forward to the next time I get high. In another week or so I will partake in the herb. I know I will love it because I have abstained before and the high after a long lull is more cosmic than atmospheric. I know that after a couple of puff’s I will be chilled for the whole evening. I also know I will neither want nor need any alcoholic beverage.
Good things come to those who wait and I think I have waited long enough.

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