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6 Organic Ways to Detox
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Detoxing is a natural bodily process. The process of eliminating toxins from your body is done by your system for your system! How neat. If you’re looking to speed up the process of detoxing its quite the commitment. The best way to speed up detoxing is to adapt and live an overall healthy lifestyle. With McDonalds on every corner, restaurants on our phones and an over-dependency on Starbucks, it can prove tough, but fighting your way through the bright lights of yellow M’s is the best way to help your body do what it is best at. And, bonus, there a few natural ways that you can take to start living life as your best self.


Some sweet H2O. Water plays a very significant role in aiding the detoxing of all those nasty toxins. Without water, most of your vital organs wouldn’t function (to the optimal standards) and sure, 70% of our body is made up of the substance. Staying hydrated is essential for passing water and bowel movements. Water flushes the system, so to speak. Aqua is also important for the livers detoxification pathways to kick the toxins out! It is recommended you drink at least 2 litres, exceeding this amount can do harm to your body. Hydrate, but hydrate wisely!


Glorious shut-eye. There is no greater release than sinking into your bed and drifting off into a blissful dream and letting the mind run wild with its dreams. While you’re resting, your body is hard at work; madness, when you’re at your most relaxed state your body is working its hardest to tidy itself of toxins. Our brains are hard at work as we rest trying to expel those nasty by-products.


Regular activity, be it a brisk walk on a summers evening or a dance party by yourself while ABBA Gold plays, it is imperative for detoxing. When you exercise, you sweat and when you sweat you release toxins through your skin. Exercising helps keep the bowels moving, the blood circulating and helps you breathe better and deeper. All of this will aid your body in removing harmful by-products from the body. Whatever your exercise of choice, make sure you’re having fun.


Eating more plant-based foods is a great way to support your body’s natural activity. Choose organic veggies and fruits over a microwave meal or an oven pizza, honestly, you’ll thank me in the long-run, my college diet did me no favours. Of course, treat yourself to a fast food restaurant, but everything in moderation!

Tea breaks

A lovely, warm cup of green tea is a great and simple way of detoxing. If you’re bored of just drinking green tea, try out some herbal teas there is endless options and flavours. You are guaranteed to find you one like.

Minimize your intake of white sugars

I love a spoonful of sugar stirred vigorously into my cup of joe in the morning, however, white sugar is harmful and creates toxins. Try to minimize that one spoon to a half of one and before you know it, you’ll take none! Also – be sure to avoid artificial sweeteners, opt for more natural versions like honey, maple syrup and coconut sugar.

Look after yourself

These are all easy hacks into getting your body on the right track and helping it with its natural cycle of detoxing. The most important is to destress. Life is tough, no doubt, but how you deal with that stress is important. Psychological warfare can interfere with normal bowel movements and often leads to shallow breathing. Which means it is difficult to release what it doesn’t need. Stress also throws a spanner in the works of all the ways above; it’s difficult to fall asleep, choose healthy foods and get a bit of exercise in. Your body is your friend, you can’t coerce it into staying healthy; Be mindful and kind to yourself in the pursuit of detoxing.

Need a quick fix?

If you’re on the road for a quick detox? Need to flush your body ASAP? Well, try out some fantastic, quick, detox kits! Need to read up on the detox kits and find out if they will suit you? Click here for a great selection of Detox Kits.