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7 Cannabis Documentaries you must watch
Best Weed Documentaries

Cannabis is becoming more and more prevalent in countries around the world as laws are relaxing and more people are realising the benefits. Much of this change has been documented over the past 10 years and some documentary makers have taken it upon themselves to educate people about different aspects of Cannabis including health, politics, economy and even gang affiliated issues.

Below is a list of the best cannabis related documentaries that will cover all bases that will give you a good overview of everything cannabis.

The Union: The Business Behind Getting High

Director: – Brett Harvey
Year: – 2007

A Canadian documentary that explores the growth and distribution within the underground market of Cannabis within Canada. Featuring celebrities such as Joe Rogan, Tommy Chong and Lester Grinspoon, this film will answer many questions that you may have surrounding so called preconceptions that people have surrounding marijuana.


Weed the People

Director: – Abby Epstein
Year: – 2018

Named after a 2-day celebration in Oregon following the legalization of recreational marijuana, this documentary investigates the absurdity of medical marijuana prohibition. The predominant focus of this film is how parents have administered medical marijuana to children with life-threatening illnesses and the struggles they face in doing so.


Grassroots: The Cannabis Revolution

Director: – Dale Beaumont Brown
Year: – 2016

A Kickstarter funded documentary that explores the medicinal use of Cannabis & a campaign to change the law for medicinal cannabis in the UK. The film delves into the consequences created by current prohibitive drugs laws and how these affect every-day peoples’ lives.

Cannabis: A lost history

Director: – Chris Rice
Year: – 2018

The film with the most homemade feel out of all on this list but no less informative than the others, this film (as should be evident from the title) follows a history of the use of cannabis within different cultures. It touches on the human body’s endocannabinoid system and how our relationship with cannabis must go back to the dawn of human existence.


Super High Me

Director: – Michael Blieden
Year: – 2008

Starting comedian Doug Benson who is documented consuming Cannabis every day for 30 days. Benson states that Super High Me is “Super Size me with cannabis instead of McDonald’s”. The film looks into general physical and mental health tests from before and after the 30 day period.


The Legend of 420

Director: – Peter Spirer
Year: – 2017

A lightweight and funny documentary comedy that investigates the progression of the cannabis industry in America following the end of prohibition of recreational cannabis in Colorado in 2012. People new to cannabis will find it informative whereas people who a well-versed in the goings on of marijuana can watch to appreciate its humour.


The Culture High

Director: – Brett Harvey
Year: – 2014

A follow-up to the first film on this list, this compelling documentary inspects the recent history of marijuana prohibition and into the motives of people on either side of the legalization debate. One would definitely be hard pushed not to support the legalization camp after watching this film, even if not an active user of marijuana themselves.