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This App is Transforming Medical Cannabis
Medical Cannabis

Soon Canada will fully legalize cannabis for both recreational and medicinal use. This is fantastic news, but there is something that some people outside of the Great White North may not consider; Canada’s socialized healthcare. This means that those who need it, can claim their medical cannabis off their socialized healthcare. Soon medical cannabis will allow thousands of patients to seek out alternative treatment for their ongoing ailments.

At the same time, another, fantastic development that will transform the lives of patients has appeared on the scene: Telemedicine.


Telemedicine is essentially just a fusion of communications technology with traditional medical practice. It takes advantage of the ubiquity of internet technology and smartphones and uses it to deliver effective medical care to anyone, anywhere.

With telemedicine, physical barriers are virtually erased. No matter where a patient is, if they have an internet connection they can access health care. On top of this, telemedicine means that medical practitioners can see far more patients a day, as going from one appointment to the next can be done in a few short clicks.

What Does This Mean for Medical Cannabis?

An innovative new app called NamasteMD has brought these two breaking innovations to let patients get prescriptions for medical cannabis quickly and easily. NamasteMD can put patients in touch with licensed medical practitioners quickly and easily, no matter where they are. They have a straightforward process that patients can complete, from start to finish, on their phone.

How to Use NamasteMD

The first stand out features of NamasteMD is that it is 100% free. It can be found on the Apple App store and is compatible with iPhones and iPads. The first step of applying for a free medical cannabis prescription is a short questionnaire. This is designed to let NamasteMD know exactly which type of consultation works best for you.

Next, the patient will be asked to schedule an appointment. They’re free to choose a time that is convenient for them. During this appointment they will consult with a healthcare practitioner via a telemedicine video chat. The patient will be able to have a one-on-one consultation.

Finally, after the patient has spoken to the licensed practitioner they will receive a diagnosis and advice. If the practitioner deems it necessary, they will prescribe a script for medical cannabis.