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CBD Oil Vs. E-liquid – Which is Healthier? 
CBD Oil Vaporizer

The Health Trend

We all like to treat ourselves and wellness is the new luxury. Consumers are placing more value on their health than material objects and ‘being healthy’ no longer just means being free of illness, it’s a state of being in every possible way. Looking great, feeling good and sleeping well all included. Now you might be asking yourself what CBD vape oil and E-Liquids have to do with our well-being? The truth is that these are very closely linked and the number one reason people begin to vape is for health reasons. Making the switch from cigarettes and nicotine can be tough but CBD and E-Liquids are much safer and the lack of combustion means no nasty carcinogens. When it comes down to the nitty gritty, which of the two is healthiest?


A concentrated form of cannabidiol, CBD vape oil has quite a few health benefits. It can be inhaled through E-Cigarettes, vape pens, or a vaporizer. For the healthy version you should be looking out for CBD vape oil made from all-natural hemp plants and with little to no THC included. The supplement has been receiving a lot of attention and it is being praised across the globe as a miracle substance. CBD oil is said to ease the side effects of cancer, stress, anxiety, inflammation, and sleep apnoea. It works best when taken daily and in small doses, working as a preventative tool rather than cure (as many of these have not yet been clinically proven).


The first and most important benefit of vaping E-Liquid is that you will be missing out on toxins associated with smoking cigarettes. These include carbon monoxide, hydrogen cyanide, lead, and arsenic. Experts have claimed that E-Liquids are 95 percent safer then tobacco. Other benefits include lower prices, a small cylinder of E-Liquid does come in at roughly the same price as cigarettes however it could last you on average 2-3 weeks. Much longer than a packet of cigs. Vaping E-Liquid can also be quite enjoyable and for some, can even become a fun hobby. They also come in a variety of flavours which can enhance your experience and leave a pleasant taste in your mouth.

CBD Oil Vs. E-Liquids

If you have already taken the leap, thrown away your cigarettes and started to vape then congrats! This is a lot healthier and you will be stopping nasty toxins from entering your body as both CBD oil and E-Liquids are safer than smoking. Unfortunately for E-Liquids this is more or less the height of their health benefits. There are plenty of reasons to take up smoking E-Liquids however the majority of these are non-health related.

On the other hand, CBD Oil. Where do we start? This supplement has a whole myriad of health benefits and taking it daily can help you in an number endless ways. A few drops could reduce stress and anxieties, help you to relax, and even sleep better. Not to mention it can look after your heart and help you to maintain a healthy weight. CBD can also be taken for specific health problems including injury, chronic pain, and inflammation. Additionally, the cannabidiol can reduce negative side effects associated with standard cancer treatments such as nausea and a suppressed appetite.