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What To Do If Your Marijuana Gets Wet 
CBD Water

Water, it’s everywhere. It’s in the sky, it’s under our feet, it collects in continent spanning oceans. It is vast, it is patient, it is always waiting for its opportunity to pounce, and get your marijuana wet.

What do you do when this happens? You certainly won’t be able to smoke your sopping wet herb, it’s damp form will stubbornly refuse to catch fire. You can’t vape it, unless you like water vapor, like some kind of deviant.

If only there was another solution. Well, there is, and we’re going to tell you now.

How to Save Your Herb

The first thing you need to rescue your wet marijuana is patience. There’s no way to force dry your marijuana, don’t put it in the dryer, don’t aim a hair dryer at it, and do not hold it out the window of your car while you do 50 down the road.

Getting your marijuana to dry properly without ruining it is a process that can take a few days. Though this may seem a long time to wait, it will give you plenty of time to think about how much of an idiot you are for getting your marijuana wet.

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First, place your marijuana on a paper towel, then put it somewhere dark and dry. Ideally this place will have some level of air flow to carry any evaporated water away. Leave your marijuana to dry, periodically replacing the paper towel every couple of days.

The last thing you need when your marijuana is wet is excessive heat and light. Though you may be tempted to try to force dry your herb in the sun. This is nearly as bad of an idea as getting your marijuana wet in the first place. Doing this can damage the trichomes in your marijuana, and this can sap its THC content, too. ]

Moldy Marijuana

When you’re drying your marijuana, what you want to be cautious of more than anything else is mold. If any mold develops as it dries, then that’s the end of the road, you’ll have to toss it out. Smoking mold is very bad for your health. Another thing to be aware of is how your marijuana got wet: If you dropped it in the sea, leave it there, smoking salt is a big no-no. If you dropped it into a pool, then kiss it goodbye, smoking chlorine is the worst possible idea.