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Cannabis Oil For Pain – Real People’s Perspectives
CBD Oil for pain

A growing number of people are consuming cannabis oil in order to reduce pain. CBD or cannabinoid oil is being used to eliminate inflammation and discomfort linked to various health conditions. CBD oil will not get you “high”, as the feeling of euphoria people often experience when smoking cannabis is actually caused by the cannabinoid THC.

Nonetheless, it seems CBD is playing a pivotal role in helping people increase the enjoyment of their day-to-day lives. Many people are using CBD oil as an alternative to other medications, which can be addictive.

Benefits of CBD Oil

It’s thought that CBD works with the receptors in the brain and immune system to help alleviate pain. It can also reduce insomnia linked to chronic pain and may be of benefit to those living with multiple sclerosis.

It has also been used by people suffering from cancer, with the National Cancer Institute suggesting CBD could be used to relieve symptoms linked to chemotherapy.

The oil does not come with substantial risks, though some side effects are possible, such as irritability, sleeping problems and nausea. Most people do not experience withdrawal symptoms when they stop using CBD oil.

What are Cannabinoids?

Cannabinoids are natural compounds of the cannabis plant. CBD can be purchased in various forms, including as vape oil, soap and chewing game. It only contains very small traces of THC and in some cases nothing at all. Users are advised to consume one drop of CBD oil each day. Any more than this may heighten the effect of the THC traces.

In the UK, it has been ruled that “products containing CBD used for medical purposes are a medicine”, which means using CBD oil to alleviate pain is not illegal. The product you consume also needs a licence to be lawful.

“Profound” Relief

The writer Richard Holt has spoken about his experiences using CBD oil for pain relief in the Telegraph. Holt used the solution to manage pain after undergoing surgery on his shattered limbs after other solutions had failed to alleviate his discomfort. Branding the effect on the pain “profound”, he said that he places the oil under his tongue when pain becomes difficult to ignore.

CBD, Turning Sceptics into Supporters

A woman in the United States called Karen Cavalli spoke to the Star Tribune about her experiences using CBD. Cavalli was initially sceptical about experimenting with the solution due to fears of becoming “stoned”.

Though the woman, who suffers from a musculoskeletal medical condition had smoked cannabis when she was young, she said the experience had no similarity to her earlier experiments with the drug, describing the feeling as “solitary yet blissful”. CBD has relaxed her body and eliminated her painful spasms.

She is now able to enjoy a greater deal of freedom and even go out shopping without experiencing discomfort due to the pain relief provided by the oil. Though she regularly experienced insomnia before experimenting with CBD, she now enjoys around five hours of peaceful sleep each night. Many people have experienced similar relief from hemp oil.