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Why Vaping Maximizes The Bioavailability of CBD

Head to and you’ll quickly see that there are many, many ways to consume cannabidiol (CBD). Previously, one would have been stuck with smoking medical strains, but new science has enabled companies to extract marijuana’s most helpful compounds out of the plant, leaving consumers with a choice of products.

At, you can pick from a selection of vape oils and e-liquids, delicious, medicating edibles, fast-acting sublingual CBD sprays, discreet capsules and much more. Each CBD product is consumed in a unique way and therefore dosages vary. This can be really confusing for new CBD users, who aren’t sure how to dose effectively.

Understanding The Bioavailability of CBD

Understanding The Bioavailability of CBD
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Only a percentage of the CBD that you consume will make it into your bloodstream and take effect. This percentage is scientifically known as “bioavailability”, and the bioavailability of CBD differs with each intake method — therefore some consumption methods are more efficient than others.

Consider that the oral bioavailability of CBD is around 15 percent — this means only around one-seventh of the dose is actually used. So why does this occur?

CBD is a hydrophobic substance and subsequently has limited water solubility. To see this effect in action, try mixing oil into vinegar. You’ll find that most of the oil just isn’t absorbed. Since CBD must be absorbed into the bloodstream to interact with cannabinoid receptors and be effective, its hydrophobic nature is slightly problematic.

Much of the CBD you consume ends up in your body’s fatty tissues after diffusing out of the bloodstream. When CBD gets into your fatty tissues, its bioavailability is reduced and cannot be transported around the body and work its magic as it should.

When you orally consume CBD, it must travel through the liver before eventually making its way into the bloodstream. The liver absorbs CBD, and the organ’s enzymes also breaks down the molecule during this process — both lower the bioavailability of CBD, in what is known as the “first-pass effect”. The liver throttles the potency of many bioactive compounds.

Make The Most of CBD By Vaping

Make The Most of CBD By Vaping
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There’s no reason to just accept the bioavailability reduction through oral consumption and pay more than you need to for CBD. Switching to vaping is a fantastic way of getting more CBD into your bloodstream, as the process puts the substance into a more hydrophilic state. You could technically do this without vaping, but it would involve using liposomes or cyclodextrins, something hardly appealing to the average CBD user. Vaping, however, takes the unhelpful “first-pass effect” out of the consumption process altogether.

When you vape, vapor infused with CBD enters your lungs, and is diffused into the bloodstream. With the liver and gut not involved, the “first-pass effect” doesn’t occur, more than tripling the bioavailability of CBD to around 50 to 60 percent at its peak.

What impact does this have? It essentially means that 10mg of vaped CBD would have the same effect as 30 to 40mg of orally-consumed CBD. Therefore, the user can experience the same effects with a much-reduced dose. This is brilliant for those on a budget, and those looking to intake large doses of CBD in a short space of time. Check out the e-liquids and vape equipment sold at to start your CBD vaping journey.

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Some manufacturers are now exploring the potential of nanotechnology, which could increase the bioavailability of CBD even further.

Vaping Promotes Faster CBD Activation

Vaping Promotes Faster CBD Activation
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In addition to being more efficient, CBD becomes activated much more quickly when it’s vaped, as it enters your bloodstream soon after being inhaled, instead of having to pass through the body’s digestive system.

Vaporizing either e-liquid or CBD concentrates such as wax could speed up activation time by as much as one hour. The quickest and most efficient consumption method, CBD vaping is also much healthier than smoking, the old-fashioned way of taking CBD.

Final Thoughts on Vaping CBD

If you’re keen to start vaping CBD, it’s important that you know what products you are using, as the industry remains largely unregulated — if you don’t know who you’re buying from, the quality, consistency and even safety of products can be doubtful.

That’s where comes in. Stocking only the top brands in the vaping and CBD industries, customers can be confident that they’re getting high-quality CBD that produces consistent results.