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Marijuana and Sex: What Do Studies Say?
What are the benefits of marijuana

Marijuana may improve your sex life when used occasionally. But long-term use has been linked to sexual problems.

Marijuana has a mixed reputation when it comes to sexual health. Some people claim it to be a potent aphrodisiac, while others report that smoking marijuana before intercourse hinders their sexual abilities.

Smoking the occasional joint before sex definitely has its upsides, including relaxation, increased intimacy between partners, and enhanced touch sensation.

However, long term use of marijuana has been linked to decreased testosterone, decreased libido, and difficulty reaching orgasm.

So, can marijuana be part of a healthy sex life? Let’s see what science says about it.

Is Marijuana an Aphrodisiac?

Is Marijuana an Aphrodisiac
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Many people believe that marijuana can act as an aphrodisiac. But studies suggest that less is more when it comes to using marijuana to boost your sex drive.

In fact, research indicates that low doses of marijuana show beneficial effects on the sex drive and overall sexual experience, whereas high doses produce a negative effect.

In a 1974 study, those who smoked 1 joint or less were more likely to experience an increase in sexual desire, while those who smoked 2 joints or more were less likely to experience these benefits.

In a 2017 review, researchers concluded that acute, low doses of marijuana enhance sexual desire, sexual enjoyment, as well as overall satisfaction.

On the other hand, chronic use of higher doses of cannabis was linked to a decrease in sexual function, a loss of interest in sex in general, erectile dysfunction and inhibited orgasm.

Can Marijuana Help Your Sex Life?

Can Marijuana Help Your Sex Life
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Besides acting as an aphrodisiac, research suggests marijuana can help your sex life in other ways. These include enhancement of sensory experience, facilitation of intimacy, and even a higher number of partners.

Higher number of partners

In a 2009 study published in the Journal Of Sexual Medicine it was discovered that frequent cannabis use is directly associated with having a higher number of sexual partners for both men and women.

Also, a 2017 study found that people who use marijuana regularly had sex more often than non-users.

One possible explanation could be that those who smoke marijuana are more likely to have a “thrill-seeker” type personality, and thus would be more likely to have a greater number of sexual partners.

Sensory experience

In a 1974 study, it was found that over 2/3 of the men and women interviewed considered marijuana to be an aphrodisiac. They claimed that it increased their desire for a familiar sex partner as well as enhanced their taste and touch sensations, making for a richer experience overall.

Some companies now make topical marijuana products, like lubricants, designed to be used on the genitals. These products are said to increase sensitivity in the area, resulting in a stronger or easier-to-achieve orgasm. Some women also claim that using a THC lubricant encourages natural vaginal lubrication or wetness.

Facilitates intimacy

It’s also important to take into consideration the “illegal” nature of marijuana. In a qualitative investigation on the psychosocial and physical sexual effects of marijuana and alcohol, marijuana was reported to facilitate more intimate encounters due to its illegality and “dangerous” status.

Thus, the act of smoking marijuana itself could make those involved feel more connected with each other in a way that might promote a future sexual fling.

Marijuana is also known to produce feelings of relaxation and ease which could cause the user to feel much freer in their sexuality, making for a more enjoyable sexual experience. When your mind is calm, it’s easier to get into the mood for sex and reach orgasm.

Can Marijuana Hurt Your Sex Life?

Can Marijuana Hurt Your Sex Life
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Several studies suggest that frequent, high doses of marijuana are more likely to hurt your sex life than occasional use.

Sexual problems are found more frequently in men than in women who use marijuana, because THC is thought to reduce testosterone, a crucial male sex hormone.

Decreased testosterone

Research suggests that regular use of marijuana may lead to decreased testosterone levels in men.

Testosterone is an extremely important hormone when it comes to male sexual health. In fact, low levels of testosterone are directly correlated with erectile dysfunction and low libido.

In a 1974 study, researchers measured the testosterone levels of 20 male marijuana users aged 18-28. Their levels of testosterone were lower than similarly-aged men who had never used marijuana. When they abstained from marijuana use, their testosterone levels went back to normal.

However, another study evaluated the link between marijuana and testosterone levels and found no difference between smokers and non-smokers.

Difficulty reaching orgasm (males)

In a 2009 study, male participants who claimed to be daily marijuana smokers were more likely to report difficulty in reaching orgasm compared to non-smokers.

On the other hand, female participants reported no difference in their ability to reach climax even when smoking on a regular basis.

Decreased sex drive

A 2017 review reported that chronic or long-term use of marijuana was linked to a loss of libido in some users.

A decrease in sex drive in those who smoke often could be related to decreased testosterone.


According to the Mayo Clinic, marijuana use has also been linked to gynecomastia, or male breast development. This disorder occurs when there is an imbalance of female hormones (estrogen) and male hormones (testosterone).

However, some scientists believe that the evidence for a link between marijuana and gynecomastia is “contradictory”, so more research is needed to confirm marijuana as a culprit.


Many people consider marijuana to be an aphrodisiac. Marijuana is known to enhance sexual desire and sensory experiences. Marijuana also tends to calm the mind, causing the user to feel less inhibited during a sexual encounter.

On the other hand, frequent marijuana use has been linked to low testosterone which is a major cause of sexual dysfunction in men. Long-term marijuana use is linked to low sex drive and difficulty reaching orgasm.

Overall, it appears that “less is more” when it comes to using marijuana for better sex.

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