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Best Wax Pen Vaporizers of 2017
best wax pens of 2017

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The vape game has changed a lot since last year. Wax pens are stronger, more compact, and more technologically advanced than before.

Nearly as slender as an office pen, simple to operate, and powered by temperature controlled batteries, dab pens for wax have become the ideal method of wax concentrate consumption over their clunkier, combustion-prone cousin, the eNail.

Wax pens accommodate the modern lifestyle. More compact than desktop rigs, and designed specifically for waxy oils, which get you higher in fewer hits, wax vape pens are far more adapted to the commuter way of life than other vaporizers.

Vaporizer manufacturers have developed wax pens that pack just as much power and usability as larger vapes, but are easier to take quick hits from and draw much less attention to your vaping.

This year we’ll break down the best wax vaporizer pens of 2017, followed by some helpful tips on caring for and using your wax pen.

KandyPens Elite – $139.95

KandyPens Elite

KandyPens Elite harnesses impressive power and functionality in one of the sleekest, most compact and high performance wax pens we’ve seen.

The Elite features a much more durable finish than KandyPens’ previous wax pens, with three protective coats that give it an elegant look. Under its suave surface, KandyPens Elite packs heat with 2 upgraded atomizers: A ceramic coilless atomizer for efficient vaporization and a dual quartz rod atomizer for big, flavor-rich clouds.

Both atomizers have elevated airholes that prevent leaking and provide more room for larger loads. Each hit is smooth with minimal resistance, and the KandyPens Elite mouthpiece has a carb if you prefer denser draws.

Expect elite-level vapor production, a stylish and sexy design that’s also incredibly durable, and one of the most discreet builds in the wax pen world.

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#ThisThingRips R SERIES ReMIX – $86.99

ThisThingRips R SERIES ReMIX

#ThisThingRips lives up to their brand name with the R SERIES ReMIX wax pen. The latest and greatest #TTR vape really rips with four new features.

The coil-less atomizer is free of fibers, metals, and glues that rub off on the flavor and aroma of vapor, so each hit tastes very pure. The ceramic thermal cup evenly vaporizes materials with a wider surface area and maintains the optimal temperature for vaping wax. And conveniently, a smart battery remembers and reverts back to the last temperature you used.

The R SERIES ReMIX also has pass-through charging, allowing you to vape while you charge, which makes for continuous use. For added aesthetic, the R SERIES ReMIX features a visual chamber so you can watch the vapor roll when you take a hit.

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Vapir Pen – $69.99

Vapir Pen

The Vapir Pen looks as good as it vapes wax. The gunmetal finish is very alluring and feels solid. The slender build fits ergonomically in your hand. And the vapor is exceptionally pure and flavorful.

The Vapir Pen comes with two atomizers that deliver excellent vapor in their own ways. Unlike most vape pens for wax, the dual quartz rod atomizer heats wax gradually to prevent combustion, producing smooth, tasty vapor. The ceramic coilless atomizer vapes wax more thoroughly with its bucket-shaped design.

The Vapir Pen features the three most popular temperatures for vaping wax (350F, 390F, and 430F). Conveniently, the single button control glows sky blue so you can easily vape in the dark.

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Dr. Dabber Ghost – $69.95

Dr. Dabber Ghost

Dr. Dabber Ghost is a high quality wax pen vaporizer designed for low-temperature vaping that extracts the true flavors and aromas of waxy oils.

It’s all in the materials. Each atomizer features a coil made of high-grade titanium that maintains the ideal temperature for vaping wax. No smokiness, no wasted wax. Just pure tasting vapor.

The Dr. Dabber Ghost battery is impressively strong, giving you about 300 hits per charge. Whether you take little hits or big draws, the vapor quality is top notch. Dr. Dabber Ghost is compatible with two high-quality glass water tools (sold separately) that purify, moisturize, and cool off vapor.

In terms of vapor production, build quality, and ease-of-use, Dr. Dabber Ghost smokes most of the competition.

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#ThisThingRips Roil – $76.99

ThisThingRips Roil

The Roil by #ThisThingRips boasts many of the features associated with the best wax pens, but with an exceptionally stealthy pen cap that’s perfect for discreet vaping. Ironically, when the cap is removed, a see-through chamber gives you a revealing look at your wax as it vaporizes.

This wax pen truly rips, delivering milky and potent vapor that makes for heady draws. The Roil vape has a ceramic coilless atomizer that vapes wax slow and low to prevent combustion.

Toggle through three low temp settings that preserve the essential flavor of waxy oils, while the pen cap ensures you draw the least amount of attention.

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Cloud Pen Paragon – $76.99

Cloud Pen Paragon

The Cloud Pen Paragon offers a Swiss army knife quality with its uniquely all-in-one design.

On top of having great vapor production, usability, and a beautifully ergonomic rubberized finish, the Cloud Pen Paragon features a built-in dab tool and no-stick NoGoo concentrate jar. In other words, you can carry everything you need to vape wax in just one unit.

The adjustable airflow base lets you pinpoint your ideal draw resistance, and the powerful 2200 mAh battery creates robust clouds of vapor with three preset voltages.

The Paragon wax pen comes with two dual quartz rod atomizers that extract poignantly lung-busting hits out of shatter, crumble, and waxy oils.

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KandyPens Ice Cream Man – $109.95

KandyPens Ice Cream Man

KandyPens’ new vape, the Ice Cream Man is likely named after its vapor quality, which is deliciously milky. That’s thanks to its quartz crystal chamber, a rarity in the wax pen universe, which also boasts dual quartz rods.

Fans of “true vaporization” will delight in this wax pen. The inert nature of quartz preserves flavor, and Ice Cream Man’s atomizer is comprised heavily of it. KandyPens Ice Cream Man comes in a variety of colors that resemble your favorite ice cream flavors, and the satin, rubberized finish feels grippy and smooth–easy to handle on-the-go.

An upgraded mouthpiece with an aircarb delivers easy draws, and when held down, denser hits. The battery, which is handmade in America, is protected by a lifetime warranty.

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Source Orb 4 – $99.95

Source Orb 4

The Source Orb 4 wax pen looks and performs like a vape from the future. Its reflective gunmetal finish, smooth and cool, resembles the surface of an alien craft.

The magnetic lock lid of its orb-like chamber, which magically pops off and on so you can load, clean or change the atomizer, is futuristically convenient. Unlike most wax pens, the Source Orb 4 has variable airflow for adjusting draw resistance, and comes with a smorgasbord of 6 advanced atomizers.

By enabling you to adjust temperature using 8 optimized voltages and temps, and choose between a plethora of different atomizers, the Source Orb 4 gives you far more command over your vape sessions than the average wax pen.

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Atmos Kiln – $69.95

Atmos Kiln

The Atmos Kiln has a fast-acting heating system and easily concealable size that are ideal for vaping on your feet. This vaporizer is a sub-ohm wax pen that heats exceptionally fast to create lung-expanding vapor clouds in just a few seconds.

Despite its formidable heating, this little wax pen features a disc atomizer with an insulated ceramic housing that won’t get hot on the outside; a perk not found in too many wax pens. With so much power, just a pea-sized dab of waxy oil will do.

The coilless ceramic atomizer of this aptly named wax pen creates very pure, very comfortable vapor that’s nearly on a par with quartz atomizers.

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G Pen – $69.95

G Pen

G Pen by Grenco Science is a classic wax pen that has remained on the forefront of waxy oil vaping through a series of upgrades.

The most recent iteration of the G Pen vaporizer features a dual quartz rod atomizer, an epic 2 gram atomizer capacity, rapid 2 to 4 second heat up time, and a compact, lightweight design that doesn’t burden your pocket.

The large capacity chamber of the G Pen wax pen delivers around 450 hits before it needs to be reloaded, which is as simple as removing the mouthpiece and placing wax on the coil. The heat up time is much faster than most wax pens, enabling quick hits. The G Pen’s vapor production is thick and tasty thanks to the quartz atomizer.

In a nutshell, G Pen does the essentials well, at a fraction of the cost of comparable wax pens.

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How We Ranked the Best Wax Pens of 2017

Each wax pen in this year’s list scored high in vapor production, build quality, usability, and design categories.

1. Vapor Production

A good wax pen promptly delivers comfortable vapor that’s true to the essential flavors and aromas of the waxy oil it vapes. We can break down how a wax pen accomplishes this into three categories.

First, wax pens that give you more control over your vapor profile with preset temps are ideal. Everyone has their own tastes, whether it be for larger hits, mid-sized, decently flavored draws, or small and poignant puffs. A wax pen with temperature control and adjustable airflow gives you more leverage for pinpointing your preferred vapor profile, as well as exploring other styles.

Secondly, wax pens that feature a variety of atomizers give you more ways to enjoy waxy oils. Period. Thirdly, wax pen atomizers made from high quality materials like ceramic or quartz deliver top notch vapor.

Each unit in this year’s list go above and beyond in terms of these three aspects of vapor production.

2. Build Quality

A wax pen’s build quality is essential for two reasons. If the unit is comprised of quality materials and solid craftsmanship, it will perform better and it won’t die out on you, which will save you money in the long run.

We chose the wax pens with the sturdiest construction. No loose buttons, strip-prone threading, or breakable bodies. For example, the exterior of our highest rated wax vape pen, the KandyPens Elite, is three times as durable as the usual wax pen.

3. Usability

We found each vaporizer on our list to be exceptionally simple to operate, with easy access to the atomizer, intuitive designs, and easy-to-use click-command interfaces. Each wax pen is easy to disassemble, which makes cleaning and repair a breeze. And many of them feature rare design choices that really optimize their ease-of-use, which leads us to the final category, design.

4. Design

Looks matter. Especially when they play into the functionality of a wax pen. We chose the sleekest wax pens on the market, but took into consideration how their design improves the actual user experience.

You’ll notice many of this year’s wax pens feature little design nuances that make a big difference. A discreet pen cap, magnetically attached heating chamber, and ergonomic mouthpiece not only look cool, they enhance the overall performance of the wax pen.


Wax Pen Tips & Advice

Finally, we end this year’s list of the best wax pen vaporizers with some beginner tips for using and caring for your wax pen. Enjoy the hits. And see you next year.

  • You can prime your wax pen coil by heating a tiny bit of wax on it. This prevents waxy oils from combusting when coming into contact with the coil.
  • Wax pen heating coils are easily damaged. Be sure not to scratch them when loading or cleaning the wax pen with a metal tool.
  • In the vape world, you get what you pay for. Investing in a more expensive wax pen when possible is absolutely worth it.
  • If you haven’t vaped wax concentrates before, keep in mind they can be much more potent than dry herb. Those with lower tolerances might prefer a dry leaf vaporizer rather than a wax pen.
  • If you like waxy oils and dry herb, consider a vape pen that can handle both.