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The Best Portable Vaporizers of 2017
Best portable Vape 2017

Portable dry herb vaporizers are growing smaller and stronger every year. With longer battery life, increased compactness, and purer vapor, today’s portable vapes make vaping on-the-go easier, more discreet, and better for your health and taste buds.

With portable vaporizers constantly improving, there probably hasn’t been a better year to vape than 2017. And based on the estimated growth of the dry herb vaporizer industry, the same is likely to be true about next year.

The question is: which dry herb vaporizer is the best? Here you’ll find ten of the most outstanding portable vaporizers of 2017, based on performance, usability, and design.

Firefly 2 – $329

The Firefly 2 is often compared to the iPhone, mostly because of its simple design and advanced technology, but also because it rethinks the portable vaporizer.

Unlike most portable vapes, the Firefly 2 features a convection heating system that vaporizes dry herb using hot air rather than direct contact. This creates purer vapor with fewer irritants and more flavor. To conserve dry herb and battery power, the Firefly 2 only heats as you draw from it, sending vapor traveling up an all-glass path that further preserves the flavor, aroma and taste of each hit before it reaches your palate.

Like the iPhone, the Firefly 2 has an elegant, minimalist design geared toward ease-of-use. When loading the device, a magnetic faceplate pops off to reveal the herb chamber, making it very easy to access the bowl. Once loaded, you simply pop the faceplate back on and touch the two sensors on each side of the vaporizer to initiate heating, which takes only 5 seconds. Conveniently, you can find the best vaping temperature and more via the Firefly 2 mobile app.

The beauty of the Firefly 2 lies in its simplicity. It uses technology to make vaping easier instead of more complicated. The compact size and lightweight casing make the Firefly 2 easy to carry and conceal. The vapor production is smooth and flavor-rich and the touch sensors boil ease-of-use down to the nth degree. All of these factors justify the steep $329 price tag. Like the iPhone did for cell phones, the Firefly 2 has put a dent in the vaporizer universe.

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DaVinci IQ – $274


Following a path blazed by the Firefly 2 is the recently launched DaVinci IQ vaporizer. Reviews of the DaVinci IQ rave about the mobile app controls, ultra modern design, high-level vapor production, and nuanced temperature control system. In fact, it was ranked the #1 best portable vaporizer of 2017 by Huffington Post, which at the least is a testament of its popularity.

On the exterior, the IQ’s most distinguishable characteristic is its LED light display, a row of dots on the metallic surface that form intricate light patterns displaying temperature, battery power and more. Under the hood, the DaVinci IQ vapor path is made of easy-to-clean and durable zirconia ceramic, a rarity in the vape industry, and delivers pure-tasting vapor that leaves no lingering odors.

This portable dry herb vaporizer features both precision temperature control and 4 innovative presets, dubbed Smart Path. These settings start at one temperature but then gradually increase 20 degrees, unlocking different flavors, aromas, and effects as the temperature rises.

The DaVinci IQ merges technology with design for a whole new vaporization experience. It’s also cheaper than the Firefly 2 at $274, even while boasting similarly exceptional quality, usability, and vapor production.

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PAX 3 – $274


The PAX 2 by Ploom was one of the few vapes to rival the Firefly 2 for the triple crown of performance, design, and usability. The smartphone functionality, stealthy and sleek look, and exceptional vapor production made it a big hit. The PAX 3, Ploom’s latest release, further improves upon its predecessor with a smarter, faster, and stronger portable vaporizer.

Priced at $274, the PAX 3 delivers what you’d expect from a high-end portable vaporizer. A 15 second heat up time (much faster than the average dry herb vaporizer) and amped up battery power enable you to vape when you want with little wait time. The smartphone-compatible PAX 3 is also one of the most compact dry herb vaporizers out there at just 4 inches tall, making it ideal for vaping on-the-go.

Challenging the conventional wisdom that convection heating systems deliver purer vapor than conduction, the PAX 3 produces exceptionally flavor-rich and smooth vapor every bowl. The controls are also fairly innovative for a portable dry herb vaporizer. Holding down the mouthpiece toggles through preset temperatures, and a movement-sensing accelerometer shuts off temperature control mode when you shake the unit. Expect top notch vapor, seamless usability, and stealthy discretion from this portable vaporizer.

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Pulsar APX – $60


Common sense tells us that lower prices equal lower quality products. But what if you can have your cake and eat it too?

The Pulsar APX is a dry herb vaporizer with a very pocket-friendly design and essential features, available at the unbelievable price of $60. This is a great vape for the beginner, or a solid addition to any enthusiast’s collection.

The Pulsar APX measures at just 4” and comes in a plethora of interesting covers and designs to fit every taste. The small package packs a punch with five preset temperatures from 356F-428F and a forty second heat up time.

The Pulsar APX helps you save time and money, all while delivering great vapor production and full flavor.

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Vapir Prima – $199


The Vapir Prima aims to perfect the basic functions of a dry herb vaporizer – and it does just that. The stainless steel vapor path is removable so you can clean it and the battery is removable so you can replace it. While not quite as compact as the PAX 3, the Vapir Prima can be discreetly concealed in the palm of your hand. It’s not the most sophisticated-looking vaporizer around, but it is one of the most functionally sound.

With a temperature control system that’s unique among portable vaporizers (with the exception of the DaVinci IQ’s Smart Path technology), the Vapir Prima has heat ranges (350-360F, 365-375F, 380-390F, and 390-400F) rather than specific temperatures. Loading this dry herb vaporizer is easy, and the herb chamber is spacious.

To accommodate vaping outside the home, the Vapir Prima packs power. The 3200mAh battery is removable and charges in a USB-compatible dock station that comes with the vaporizer. The Vapir Prima’s full charge lasts around 5 bowls before it needs to be charged, which is exceptional. Unfortunately there’s no pass-through charging, since the battery detaches from the unit, but you do get a solid hour and a half of vaping before the battery dies.

As far as dry herb vaporizers go, the Vapir Prima does the essential stuff right. A little more affordable than the Firefly 2, PAX 3, and DaVinci IQ, this vape is available in the Vapir Prima bundle with a glass bubbler attachment for $229, or on its own for $199.



AirVape Xs – $179


Vaping dry herb can get pricey. The AirVape Xs has the rare quality of being affordable (at $179) yet comparable to higher end dry herb vaporizers in a few regards. It features precision temperature control (rare for mid-priced portable vaporizers), a slick and sturdy metal shell, discreet design, and very simple operation with rubber “up” and “down” buttons for toggling temperature.

When vaping temperature has been reached (which takes 30 seconds), the AirVape Xs vibrates to let you know. That way you can keep the vaporizer hidden in your pocket until you take a hit. An automatic shut-off timer turns the unit off after 3 minutes. This conserves battery power and prevents overheating.

For such a compact portable vaporizer, the AirVape Xs produces very comfortable, tasty vapor. A screen in the mouthpiece cools and filters vapor before it hits your mouth for smoother hits, and a glass mouthpiece delivers clean, flavor-rich draws. This portable vaporizer is ideal for connoisseurs who appreciate finely vaporized dry herb, but want to keep their habit discreet and low-key.



Boundless CFV – $219


Like the Firefly 2, the Boundless CFV is one of the few portable vaporizers for dry herb to feature convection heating. But on top of that, it’s the only vape to use heat retention rings to customize vaping sessions. Users have a choice between a quartz or wood ring, which fits in the heating chamber. Quartz retains more heat, delivering bigger hits faster (after the first pull) since the oven stays hot in between hits, while wood prevents conduction for smoother, woody draws.

Unlike many portable vaporizers, the Boundless CFV has precision temperature control, which empowers your vaping experience. You can zero in on an ideal temperature for specific strains or vapor profiles.

The Boundless CFV is also very user-friendly. Integrated into the hand-contoured design is a swivel mouthpiece that can easily be flipped out for usage or flipped back for discretion. The stem gives the vapor more time to cool off, and the swivel keeps it out of the way when not in use.

The Boundless CFV combines powerful vapor production with intuitive controls to make operation seamless, making it well worth the $219 price tag.

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Crafty by Storz & Bickel – $339


At just 4 inches tall and 0.3 lbs, the Crafty vaporizer is one of the most discreet portable vapes. But don’t let the size fool you. Beneath its uniquely ribbed exterior (for added grip), the Crafty vape packs a hybrid conduction/convection heating system that vaporizes dry herbs fast and efficiently for delicious hits on-the-fly.

Characteristic of all Storz & Bickel vapes, the Crafty uses hot air to thoroughly vaporize your dry herb across all its surface area, while a conduction chamber ensures vaporization occurs at all times. The result is very pure, smooth, and flavorful vapor that you can enjoy on-the-go.

A simple one-button control makes it easy to toggle temperature. One click chooses the default temp and another click amps up to the booster temperature, both of which can be set beforehand using the Crafty mobile app. While the Crafty vaporizer doesn’t outlast the Firefly 2 in terms of battery life, it does provide about 45 minutes of continuous vaping. The Crafty also features pass-through charging so you can vape while powering up.

The Crafty vape comes at a hefty price of $339, but it’s as discreet and easy-to-use as the Firefly 2, and its vapor quality is unrivaled in the portable vaporizer market.

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Magic Flight Launch Box – $119


The Magic Flight Launch Box is both incredibly functional and portable, while maintaining a wholly unique look that is sure to please the hippy within. At $119, you get barebone functionality, quality vapor production, and an artsy wooden design.

Using the Magic Flight Launch Box is hassle free, making it a great choice for beginners or those who want unfussy vaping. The MFLB is powered by a rechargeable lithium ion battery, which is pressed into a port until it “clicks” to turn the vape on. Quick heat up time and a glass draw stem make for tasty hits on-the-go.

The folks over at Magic Flight have been on the portable vaporizer scene since the early 2000’s, and their timeless designs have continued to gain popularity and prevalence. A U.S. based company, every unit is constructed with care by artisans based in San Diego, California.

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KandyPens K-Vape – $99


Boasting a robust feature set under the hood, the K-Vape from KandyPens establishes itself as one of the best portable vaporizers for dry herb under $100.

The KandyPens K-Vape is one of the smallest full conduction dry herb vaporizers on the market. Despites its compact design, the K-Vape still packs powerful, temperature-controlled vapor production. Featuring a variable voltage battery, the K-Vape can switch between three preset temperatures (360F, 380F, 420F) to extract all of the desired effects from your dry herb without wasting it. The stainless steel chamber is also quite large at .6 grams, which is perfect for longer vaping sessions.

All of KandyPens’ batteries are protected with a lifetime guarantee, giving users the peace of mind that despite new models coming out quarterly, their chosen vape will not become obsolete.