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Handheld Device Lets You Test And Verify Your Own Cannabis

A company out of California wants to put a cannabis testing lab in the hands of every consumer.

The team at CDx is trying to solve one of the medical marijuana industry’s biggest problems: a lack of product safety regulation. It’s not that testing labs don’t exist in California and other legal states, but instead that no law requires dispensaries to use them (except in Colorado).

The solution they’ve come up with is a handheld device that is slightly larger than an iPhone. It’s called the MyDx, and utilizes electronic nose technology to analyze samples of anything you want.

While the ultimate goal is to allow users to test all that they “eat, drink or inhale,” the company is starting out with cannabis in mind.

The need is definitely there, says Daniel Yazbeck, the main funder of the project.

“People can take the same strain, the same clone, and you won’t get the same product depending on the grower and slightly varying conditions,” he explains.

“So the only way to do this is based on the chemicals and not the name until you get consistency in the industry.”

The MyDx comes with a mobile app that will help consumers track the effects of specific strains. The company also plans to partner with labs across the country in order to leverage lab-verified data.

But there’s a problem, Yazbeck says. The device is expensive to produce, and most consumers aren’t likely to pay more than a couple hundred dollars for the ability to test their own medicine.

That’s why the company launched a crowdfunding campaign last month, which has so far been successful at hitting its first target. If all goes well, the company hopes to ship its first batch of MyDx devices by December.